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Richard Gwin's Photos of the Year 2014

In this audio slideshow, Journal-World photographer Richard Gwin talks about his best work from 2014.


Jonathan Kealing

Great photos this year, Richard. I love the flock of birds and, of course, the photo of Mount Oread at the end!

3 years, 3 months ago


Lawrence Morgan

Richard Gwin, it's hard to pick one photograph - there are many that I like here. But I think the very best one from my point of view is the photo of Mt. Oread, and I also especially love your photographs of nature (and the sunflowers!).

When will these photographs from all Journal World photographers be shown as part of a museum show throughout Kansas (the other photographers from other Kansas newspapers will need to be included as part of the show), as well as citizen photographers. I am waiting for that moment. It would show people from other states the riches that Kansas has to offer.

And when will each writer pick their favorite article that they have written, complementing the wonderful photographs that each of you have picked.

For people interested in photography, they also might see my latest blog, which features the photography of Gordon Parks, the great black photographer, and his experiences in Ft. Scott, Kansas:

There is a great opportunity here being missed - the Journal World photographers, Gordon Parks - all should be part of a photography show, and it should be shown all over Kansas, and in other states, as well.

3 years, 3 months ago


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