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Kevin Anderson

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yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

The east side of Lawrence only gets jails, homeless shelters, small offices, elderly communities. The East side doesn't get any Rock Chalk parks, no Walmart, no Hyvee, No restaurants. The city planners and are only concerned with helping the West side bypass the east side on their way to Kansas City.

yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

If the city officials Lawrence is going to continue to install roundabouts, they need to keep the commercial vehicles off of the streets with the roundabouts. These large vehicles continue to destroy the curbs on these roundabouts, and they leave gravel and other items in these areas which makes it hazardous for other vehicles.

On Roadwork for Oct. 2, 2017

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yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

So long as it is "peaceful" it is a right to protest. Is blocking streets on the highway peaceful?

I believe these athletes have the right to protest however they want. While not at work.

If I am involved in any activity during my job that can bring negative focus on the company that I work for, the company has the right to terminate my employment. I could be on a plane wearing a company shirt, and be fired for doing something that our company does not believe is in the best interest of the company. The NFL has that same right as the employer.

yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

I do not consider the 100 feet of sidewalk on my property any benefit to me personally. I am required to shovel it every time it snows, or get fined by the city. Keep my trees cut back so that it does not interfere with the use of the sidewalk. Now, you and the city also expect me to pay to repair a sidewalk that I never even use? I live on a corner lot, and my driveway to my house is on the other side of the street. The people who use the sidewalk in front of my house are children waiting for the school bus (We do not have children), my neighbors when they are walking through the neighborhood. It would be a benefit to me to tear the whole sidewalk up and plant grass.

yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

If some of this infrastructure was used for ALL of Lawrence instead of just the people on the West Side, I might agree with it. However, all of the infrastructure improvements either go to the campus or west Lawrence. The streets, and curbs in Prairie Park are horrible. How does the money go to affordable housing? Does it actually build houses or does it just go in committee members pockets? I don't see the city actually building homes.

yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

I have lived in Lawrence for nearly 20 years. I shop in Lawrence, pay property taxes in Lawrence, fund charities, and schools in Lawrence. Why is the city bowing down to the college, and high school students? They will be gone in a few years.
I guess it's time to spend my money in Kansas City, and Topeka instead of Lawrence.

yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

In comparison, Kansas is not as bad as some places.
comparing Kansas to Minnesota (Where I am from, now I live in Douglas County Kansas)

Tax year 2017
taxable income not over $30,000: 2.7 % (K.S.A. 79-32,110)
taxable income over $30,000: $810 plus 4.6 % of excess over $30,000 (K.S.A. 79-32,110)

​ Rate​ ​ Married joint​ ​ Married Separate​
5.35 percent​ ​$0 - $36,820 ​ $0- ​$18,410
7.05 percent​ $36,821 $146,270 ​ $18,411 -$73,140
7.85 percent​ ​ $146,271-259,420 ​ $73,141- $129,710
​9.85 percent $259,421 ​ $129,711 ​

Douglas County Kansas same property Taxes as Minneapolis Minnesota

Minnesota Sales Tax 6.875% - Kansas Sales tax 6.5%

yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

Just to respond to the original article title: Duh!

yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

Great more stuff for West Lawrence. East Lawrence on the other hand - Nada.
Even the K-10 completion was no improvement for people on the far east side of Lawrence.
If anything K-10 was a 2 year hassle.
Now, it is 1 lane to enter K-10 for people on the east side. The speed limit has been reduced for no apparent reason. It used to be 65 MPH, now it is either 45 or wow all the way to 55.
There are not even right turn lanes heading east on Harper or O'Connell.
Personally, I live in the Prairie Park Neighborhood. Many of us shop in Lawrence, eat in Lawrence, pay property taxes in Lawrence, but work in Kansas City. Lawrence gets our money, but we get no positive expansion. Where is Rock - Chalk East? Do the city planners expect us to drive all the way past our homes to the west side after a full day of work?

yrbadself (Kevin Anderson) says...

Why do people insist on labeling others that they do not even know based on this election. The following statement is very true of people that I personally know in Lawrence: “Some of the most incredible people I know voted for Donald Trump, and some of the most incredible people I know voted for Hillary Clinton. The people that I know that voted for Trump are not racist, misogynistic, or hateful, and the people that voted for Hillary Clinton are not hateful and intolerable. If you are someone that woke up this morning and is going to start seeing people as who they voted for, and not as the person you have always known them to be, then you are what is wrong with America. I will never think any less of a person who has different views than me, because some of the most beautiful, inspirational people I know will disagree with what I believe with all day long, but at the end of the day they are still that beautiful inspirational person I have always known them as. Don’t think less of people because some of their beliefs don’t align with yours, and don’t lose quality people in your life because you choose hate over love.”

On Letter to the editor: A Trump hope

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