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wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

This is how the Cable companies will begin to push the majority of Americans back into their greedy clutches. If you are one of the hundreds who have went to streaming services, unless those services start paying a fee to maintain those speeds one of 2 things is going to happen. Either the internet provider is going to dog your speed to the point that you are not getting what you are paying them for, or they are going to give you an optional fee to be able to keep your speed the same.

It very much like what they do with ESPN now. If you want to use WatchESPN for live sports, you have to pay for a tier package of cable that has ESPN in it. If you are streaming, they restrict it to where all you can watch is replays. So if you are using Amazon Prime, Netflix or any other service of the sort be prepared to be screwed. Hopefully this gets tied up in the court system and someone call bull scat on this crap.

Cable companies are getting to be as bad as insurance and pharmaceutical industry. Stuff enough money in the right pocket and they screw the American people.

wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

Is it me, or does this rendition resemble our former President Barrack Obama, with sandy blonde hair of course!

wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

Wow Greg, so should I call you Mr. Cooper. You come at me like you are one of the developers of the Common Core curriculum. Did you right the teachers lesson plans? Are you one of the personnel sitting on the board that determines what should be the standard for each grade level? You come off butt hurt in your response.

You are fighting for something that you know little to nothing about. You, yourself said you do not have a child in the system. For someone who has not dog in the fight, you sure are coming at me like you have rabies.

I am all for a structured lesson plan and standardized teaching. Common Core has swayed so far from the basis that it was supposedly designed around that the logical output from this system does not have the ability to read a tape measure, micrometer, or god forbid something as simple as a ruler. They put more emphasis on the format of an essay then the content of the essay.

I may not be as versed in the English language as you are, but I am College educated. I have seen the lesson plans in math, science and social studies that my children bring home. They try to make learning simple tasks like multiplication as ridiculously difficult as possible. There is no handwriting anymore. My children receive 3 months of how to write in cursive in the 3rd grade and have never revisited it since.

I do not believe that I am better than educator by any stretch. Most of the teachers in our society have less than 10 years experience and are teach curriculum dictated to them by the Common Core philosophy. That is not their fault. The problem I run into with most of the teachers I have found, is they are miserable in their careers. They could care less, they lack the people skills that are required to educate a young mind.

For someone who doesn't know, maybe you should go sit through a 7th graders day. Guarantee you walk away a little dumber and probably find what I am saying to have a little truth to it.

wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

When was the last time any of you idiots stepped foot in a classroom? I have 2 teenagers and the common core philosophy of teaching that was implemented during Obamas tenure has done absolutely nothing beyond make are children dumber. Teaching kids to multiply on their fingers because they are taught grouping in elementary school.

Hell most "Qualified Teachers" coming out of our "Higher Learning" establishments aren't any smarter than the system they teach. Look at the headlines on any national news agency and you will see at least once a week, a report of one of them doing something stupid. Recent headline, "Teacher Tells Students to speak American".

If you're not a parent with school aged children, sit down and shut up.

wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

What is even funnier is that I would almost bet, not one of the people you mentioned were a boy scout, cub scout or eagle scout. Creeps are going to be creeps. Thinking the Boy Scouts of America will scrub the dirty minds of little boys across America by pairing them with little girls with common interested in front of them is ludacris. Those failures are parental failures of epic proportion. Watch some episodes of Dr. Phil and look how this generation is parenting and tell me my daughter would be safe at a camp with their boys. No thank you.

wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

And maybe fewer female high school teachers sleeping with 14-16 year old boys!

wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

Phillip, I speak of this from experience. As I child, growing up in Lawrence, my family received state sponsored benefits. Medical, Dental, Vision, WIC, Welfare and Food stamps we all provided to my family for most of my adolescent life. My parents were home owners, otherwise we probably would have qualified for Section-8 housing as well. It seems to me that your are the ignorant one. Don't preach to me that you know the program when obviously you have no clue.

wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

I hear how many people on here are screaming this will screw over the poor and lower middle class. Where is your supporting documentation of this. Obamacare forced people to have insurance and if you could not afford the governmental sponsored benefits, you were penalized in taxation at the end of the year. Most LMI (low to moderated income) families are on state sponsored Medicaid (Welfare) and those who aren't cannot afford insurance if it is not provided by their employer. Many employers have scaled back their benefit packages because they are penailized if their packages are too good.

This system is extremely faulty, President Trump vowed to take action. He asked the Senate and Congress to find a solution. They have failed. My guess is that everyone who has fought this requested change to better the Healthcare system in our country, is taking money from every pharmaceutical and insurance lobbiest on capitol hill. By taking this action, Trump has forced them to get of their asses and fix it.

Many of those who support Obamacare are not in the grass roots of the plan and do not feel the affects of it. They are just listening to mainstream media. If you were told that your monthly premiums were going up 73% this year, how would that impact you. The state of Florida recently said that the average Obamacare insured household was going to see that. So if your premiums were a $100 a month, it just went up to $173 a month. Food for thought.

Too many of you trust politicians and mainstream media. All sheep need lead, are you a sheep that is being led to slaughter, or one that is being led to greener pastures?

wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

I guess based on my readings of this I am on the opposite side of things here. I am all for 1st amendment rights, but here is what is baffling to me. The originating member of this was Colin Kapernik. He was all for protesting, but then didn't even vote. How many of these "Silent Protesters" are doing things beyond what is shown on TV for 2 minutes? That is where my problem lies with this. The timeliness of the protest, during the national anthem, is what bothers me.

As a veteran, I signed up so that my children could have every right that I have, that many nations lack. In doing so, it gives freedom of speech it idiots like kkk, blm, antifa and the NAACP and any other idiot that wants to flap his gums about what they feel. It also gives people the right to protest peacefully.

Many people say that the flag and the anthem are not representative of the American Veteran. If that is the case, then why do they drape the caskets of the veterans that were KIA (Killed In Action) with the flag? The original flag was actually a battle standard in the Revolutionary War. The National Anthem, is a reminder to all Americans what it took to gain our freedoms and liberties from the British. This is why so many military veterans are upset over this issue.

There is another view that is out there as well that many do not know or have not seen. Our Federal government has paid the NFL, their owners (which turns into salaries for players) to inject Patriotism into the league by having Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters on the field, with the flag and the playing of the Anthem. Therefore, this is a blatant disregard for the funding they receive. Knowing that taxpayer dollars are going to this organization who essentially is letting their players protest during their working hours is egregious.

I completely get the United we stand against Trump, NFL Rally this weekend. But lets all be honest, if you are a non-union employee, and you decide you wanted to peacefully protest each day you worked for the first 15 minutes of your work day, how many of you would have a job 2 weeks later?

Prove to me you are doing more than showing your ass on television during the playing of my national anthem, and the waving of our colors, and I will respect your decision to protest. The Bennett brothers, Malcolm Jenkins, and a few others are pushing their perspective communities. I respect their protests, the rest of the fools, who are jumping on the wagon, are as much an idiot as Kapernik. Taking a knee doesn't invoke change, it is just adding to the divide in this country.

wdarmond (William D'Armond) says...

Thomas, you have reiterated my point. As an adult going back to school with real world experience and an education, you might see $52,000 per year. Unfortunately All higher educational institutes are using this tactic of stating the median income for their programs to boost registration. The unfortunate reality is for these 20 year olds graduating with their associates degrees and $20K in financial debt already, they are more likely to start at entry level for the position, more like $38,000 per year, and it will take them 7-12 years before they actually reach the level of $52K a year.

This sort of thing happens every day. Employers want their employees to come in with a college degree, but without experience they are not willing to pay. The reason being, they are going to have to invest in that employee to get them trained in their specific field to the level that they want them at. It is a risk that the employer takes with every hire. They say turnover is the highest cost in an organization at roughly $38K per employee that leaves and has to be rehired and trained, but most employers battle that statistic by keeping the payroll as low as possible, so when they loss an employee they have spent 2 years training, it doesn't have as large an impact on the business overall.

Just my thoughts.

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