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wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

LOL. There's that problem you have considering yourself the definitive whatever-it-is, Gary. It makes you define anyone who disagrees with you as whoever you think "the enemy" is (liberals, Democrats, socialists), very quickly and very wrongly.

You're headed full-speed towards a 1000-foot cliff, Gary. But since you've already "discovered" who I am, you'll be too smart (in your own eyes) to believe my warning.

LOL. Have a nice trip, Gary.

wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

Being able to say you're wrong is simple commonsense. I used to believe it was one of those life-lessons everyone learns, and has many occasions to practice. I was wrong.

To admit you're wrong, you have to look at yourself honestly, and measure yourself against a standard greater than your own self-interest. You have to give up your pretensions to deity, and surrender the personal reality you create and rule over. That's a higher price than many people are willing to pay.

I'd point out to some who scoff at the idea of "Biblical truth" on another thread that the commonsense of admitting you're wrong is a truth of Biblical Christianity. I'd also point that out to some of my fellow Christians who choose to be part of the unswerving "evangelical base" for today's liars and misleaders.

Being able to say you're wrong is commonsense because it grounds us in reality. Every person is wrong some time: it's commonsense to admit that includes ourselves.

It's also commonsense because failing to admit you've done wrong locks you into being an apologist for the evil that results. That's the way reality works: doing bad things always has bad results (another Biblical truth).

Refuse to admit your wrong-doing, puts you in the position of having to insist that the bad results which inevitably follow are actually, somehow, GOOD. Clearly those who make that argument on this site daily realize the great wrong they've done America: if they didn't, they'd feel no need to argue here, endlessly and insistently, that its results are GOOD for America.

Slavery is a choice. And anyone who chooses to be free from having to follow along with and justify evil, can be free. The cost is high, but worth it:: be honest with yourself about yourself, and live in reality. That's commonsense, and (like it or not) Biblical truth.

wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

That's what I'm saying, Gary: let's be patient a week or two, and see if your boasted Trump "accomplishments" last that long...or if there's any reality to them at all.

You and your herd who extolled Trump for peace in Korea, within 24 hours of his saying he would meet with the Dear Leader, should have been patient. You looked like (maybe because you were) fools...even moreso when Trump, as he always does, proclaims a few days later a contrary reality his followers must rush to extol.

Maybe you should even be patient a few months, or years, Gary, and see what the results of Trump's "accomplishments" are. You and the lemmings want to agree with everything he says: so surely you agree with him when he says "we'll see" ?

Reality is against it. But if you refuse to accept reality, and choose to be willfully blind to the failures of Trumpism, you should at least be patient. "We'll see"...maybe even you and his other deluded followers will see, eventually... if lies, corruption, hatred, and sleaze "Make America Great Again."

wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

Gee, Gary, how is it that in your long list boasting Trump's accomplishments, you forgot to mention that he de-nuclearized Korea ? That is the basis on which your herd (if that's the right collective-noun for lemmings) claim Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, isn't it ?. That is the subject, isn't it, of the column you are supposedly commenting on: how could you forget to mention THAT "accomplishment," Gary ?

Are you afraid that boasting of an "accomplishment" that was only last week's Trump-blather will make you look like a fool ? That cheering for Trump "accomplishing" things that never happened will make you look delusional ?

Some of the other "accomplishments" you claim for Trump are like that too, Gary: some are temporary "facts" Trump takes credit for, or some are "accomplishments" that never actually happened.

But you're right about one thing, Gary: you should be afraid. Your long list of things you boast Trump has "accomplished" most definitely makes you look like a fool, and delusional.

wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

The delusional comment at the start of this thread is rather interesting in what it reveals about Trumpuppets' "thought."

Those who don't praise Trump as effusively as his "base" (those the columnist calls "Democrats," conveniently ignoring the fact that very many Republicans and independents are anti-Trump) are "putting partisanship above patriotism."

So our local commenter believes only he and his fellow Trumpuppets are real patriots.

He also claims "Democrats" are "haters"...personally bad people. So of course the right thing for the Trump-base to do is hate them back.

"Democrats" are also "atheists." The only logic of that claim has to be that those who don't worship Trump don't believe in God.

The commenter is well-known here for the Trumpian unreality he claims to believe, and continually spouts. But this time he's revealed some things he truly believes.

He truly believes that those who don't fall in line with him behind his Dear Leader are traitors. They are also evil people, who deserve to have evil done to them. They are atheists, he says: so it's clear he truly believes Trump is God.

God will have the final say on that "alternative fact," and the Trump crowd who believe it. I am very glad I'm not one of them.

wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

"Yet if [Jesus] identifies with 'the least of these,' that means, does it not, that God is in the homeless man begging change at the off ramp, the immigrant slogging north across the unforgiving desert, and, yes, the lesbian whacked by a skateboard. Unfortunately, faith has become for many people a license to do what is easy — demonize the Other — rather than an obligation to do what is hard: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' "

Pitts "gets" Christianity, and well characterizes today's aberrant political version of Jesus' teachings.

Amen, brother Pitts ! Amen !

wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

Or for the kind of self-devised "Christianity" Pitts is talking about, maybe Tom T. Hall's line is more applicable: "Me and Jesus got a good thing goin' / Me and Jesus got it all worked out..."

wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

Paul addresses female as well as male homosexuality, Ron, in Romans 1:26-7:

"For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts..."

Nor did Paul say he had a demon; he confessed to a "thorn in the flesh:" quite a different thing, especially in Biblical terms, don't you think ?

And if "many scholars" believe Paul's "thorn in the flesh" was homosexuality, they are entirely indulging in speculation; as are the many scholars who've theorized it was migraines, a speech impediment, eye problems, etc. There is no conclusive evidence whatever for any of the speculations.

You got right that Jesus didn't address (in your words) LGBQT "issues:" so I'm surprised you ask "why did [Paul} write about [homosexuality] so much?" That "so much" seems a mischaracterization. How many times did Paul write about homosexuality, please: and where ?

Your belief that the Pauline epistles are filled with raving against homosexuality makes me wonder: are you a member of that "church" in Topeka which believes that ?

wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

Colyer = another Trump-toady. Got it.

There are Republicans whose political principles consist of more than Trump-worship. I feel sorry for them. They seem to be largely marginalized in their party-as-personality-cult.

What will the personality-cult do when its Dear Leader is gone from the scene, not many years hence ?

wakarusaguy (Anonymous) says...

Maybe our Kansas congesspeople should ask EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to get on the Army for moving too slow. As our Congresspeople know (if they've read any of the letters I've sent them about him), Scott Pruitt is a great friend of a clean environment, and a hard-working public servant.

Oh yeah he is. Uh-huh.

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