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smilelouise (Anonymous) says...

I will be voting for Stumblingbear. He, and his wife came through my neighborhood, in East Lawrence. They visited with us, and were interested in sharing his ideas for our community. I like what he stands for.

Don’t let this distraction taint your vote.

smilelouise (Anonymous) says...

This man was not ‘allegedly’ attacked. He was beaten. Here is a gofundme for his medical bills. He works two jobs to support his family. Please share a few dollars his way. I’m saddened by this happening and the delay in LJW reporting.

smilelouise (Anonymous) says...

After meeting someone at work, once, and then talking to them on the phone, once, would you ask them to babysit your child? to marry you? how about to be your 2nd in command to run the free world? McCain's decions was hasty and impetuous. It will come to bite him in the butt, come election day. He might as well pack up his toys and go home.

On McCain's VP choice seen as a gamble

Posted 30 August 2008, 2:54 p.m. Suggest removal

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