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Markus Miller

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mmiller924 (Markus Miller) says...

This article shows that Gilmore & Brownback live in a different state. There is currently a lawsuit against Gilmore & the State of Kansas for the death of Adrian. There are 70 foster children missing in the state of Kansas without Gilmore's knowledge. Who was receiving the monthly checks for the care of these foster children? Megan wrongfully with many errors made by the DCF was put on the Child Abuse & Neglect Registry. And we are still currently 5 years later, 2 lawyers, support of Senator Rob Olson. Winning her expungement hearing! (So much more facts I could write a book on this) Her name is still on the list. KCTV 5 will be running an update story on her Thursday @ 10.
Gilmore & Governor Brownback this is what's actually going on in your state!!!

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