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Marcia Epstein

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mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

1. My training and belief is that all people with light skin like mine are racist to varying degrees because of the privilege we are accorded due to our skin. And we must all work to learn, understand, believe, and improve our own behavior and that of others.

2. I also believe that when we prevent people - individually or in certain groups - from having impact, one of their options, if they have the ability to take this risk, is to "yell louder" rather than to give up.

3. When people with light skin like mine embrace, to any degree, false and damaging stereotypes, such as "black men are dangerous," the thoughts (and emotions caused by those thoughts) of those with light skin are not determined by actual danger or safety.

Bob Marley, in the song "War"
"Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned everywhere is war."

"White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack"
by Peggy McIntosh, 1989

mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

So many people in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, USA,... are affected by suicide in one or more ways: having lost loved ones to suicide, living with suicidal thoughts and/or attempts, and being a loving support person to someone affected by suicide. So let us please show the compassion that we hope we would experience from others.

And if you want to learn more about that, you are most welcome to participate in the free community workshop on International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, which is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Saturday, November 18 from 10:00am - 1:00pm at First Church, 946 Vermont in Lawrence.

mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

"Trans" and "transgender" are adjectives. A "trans boy" is a boy who happens to be transgender; a "trans girl" is a girl who happens to be transgender. When our schools become leaders in treating trans people with respect and caring, everyone wins. Bullying and violence toward people who are viewed as different will diminish. That benefit might even expand to people who are perceived as different in other ways, too! How cool would that be?!!. And decreased bullying and violence, with increased respect and caring, will also reduce the rates of suicide attempts and other unhealthy coping behaviors in our trans and gender nonconforming youth. I'm proud and appreciative that our Lawrence, Kansas public schools are working toward this.

For some helpful links:

mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

Many thanks to Erica Smith for bravely sharing her story, and to Karrey Britt for writing with great compassion, and including so much helpful information for readers. Most of us will need this type of information at some points in our life, to get ourselves through dark times, and to help others.

mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

Based on research by Rylan Testa, PhD, professor at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, we know that emotional abuse, such as the bullying in the text referenced in the article is a leading cause of suicide attempts in trans and gender nonconforming youth.

I'm proud of the students who "stood up" through this "sit in." We must not stand by when people are being victimized emotionally and/or physically. We must find a safe way to get help for the one(s) being victimized.

mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

My title for this article was "Getting to #LifeWorthLiving"

The title that you see was created by an editor for LJW. The title caught my attention, and it must have caught yours, or you wouldn't be reading this. However, I must share that I have great respect for hotlines and other crisis services.

mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

Thank you Chad Lawhorn for saying "Yes!" and this article of tools for safety from suicide. We won't know who, but we know people will be helped.

And for those who are ready to participate in Lawrence in a group for support & learning to live safer & with more good times, please contact me, about:

Healing After Suicide: every other Tuesday evening
Bereavement support group for healing for people who have lost loved ones to suicide.

Stayin' Alive: every other Monday evening
Support group for people living with suicide thoughts and attempts

NAMI Douglas County: every Wednesday evening, 2 groups
Peer support for people living with mental illness
Peer support from family-friends of people living with mental illness
Contact me if that's easiest, or the official contact Bill Wood at

Please share the info widely. Thank you!

mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

"I Am From" by Pinckney students is so beautiful. This makes me proud of Lawrence, KS!

mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

I would appreciate a follow up article telling us more about what services will be provided, by staff with what kinds of training. I'm interested in how this LMH area expands upon the crisis stabilization rooms and services that have been at LMH Emergency Department for years. Thanks.

mge (Marcia Epstein) says...

Data for the graphic below is from Rylan Testa, PhD currently of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

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