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kevin (Anonymous) says...

In all fairness, Racism is an act of violence and a mental illness, not a point of view and thus, you are by definition, sick, not legitimate. So you are right, you deserve much more pity than has been shown you.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Just curious as to what makes you think your opinion on this is of any importance? You are not being asked for money, it is not public money, it is a community using a community based approach. Your curmudgeon opinions are, as usual, totally irrelevant. I am really sorry if you feel belittled, it isn't personal, it is just factual, you have no horse in this race so you are just being a busybody, not a valid participant on any level. you are free to rant and spout, but it is pointless. Just saying.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

While I do not agree with the proposed change at the ACLU, and it is not supported by a majority of the board so will likely never become rule, you are completely and morally bankrupt by applying a dishonest argument.

The ACLU said public comment, when allowed, needs to be allowed as free speech. The ACLU did NOT discuss rules for fiduciary delegates or board members being able to voice dissent.

I have NEVER seen you make an HONEST point. If you are unable to support your point of view without honestly, then you are fully pointless.

I realize you got a woozie when you read this fake analogy on a supremacist website, but you should use reason instead of reaction to be taken seriously.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Gary, as a gay man who grew up going to the Salvation Army, your information is jumbled and not fully correct.

There is a difference between the church and their charities on paper. However, staff crossover is common. There are Gay employees of the Salvation Army, but there are hundreds of people who have been fired for being gay as well. Depends on the job and the local commanders.

I left the church for their homophobia and sexism.

I supported their charities for a while after that because MOST corps serve people in need regardless of faith or sexual orientation without forcing religion.

However, national policies are very anti gay and sexist. While women can become officers in the SA, if they marry, they loose their rank and take the rank of their husband. If a woman has a baby out of wedlock, she is asked to resign, if a man does, he generally does not have to resign.

You are trying to paint a broad picture of a loving giving church, you are mostly wrong.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

and yet her posts are still more accurate, relevant and less racially divisive than yours.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Well, the FACT that conservatives in sex scandals outweigh Liberals 4 to 1, and the fact that liberals have been forced out while conservatives are elect their sexual predators to office, and rally around their pedophiles makes your comment seem very uneducated and patently false. If you need to lie or deceive to try and make your point, that deems you completely pointless.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

I notice you just call it liberal when it does not support your narrow opinion, but are never able to actually disprove anything, except when quoting white supremacist sources. And how does that gain you any credibility in your point of view? Answer, you will NEVER be credible. You are not capable.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

I have yet to hear a reasonable opinion based on facts and without prejudice from you. This is a much less subtle pro racist comment than you usually make, however. I call your opinion devoid of facts and reason and purely based on privilege and bigotry. There have been not years but decades of research that show explicitly and without question that if you are a not white, you are more likely to be punished, and punished more severely than your white counterpart for the exact same crime. It has been shown in employment, criminal justice, credit, housing and many other arenas of life. You are flat out saying people who are Black or Hispanic or whichever status that is not you should be judged by your perception of their culture instead of evenly as everyone else. That is racist. I find your right to be racist in this instance allowed under freedom of speech, and under that same freedom, I find you to be a pure negative impact on civilization.

Bigotry is an act of violence and a mental illness and should be reacted to as such. With that in mind, I urge you to seek therapy and try to heal your illness.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Chris, you are in error.

Drainage district representatives were on a special ballot and the only people who vote for them are landowners.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Paul, I can tell you THINK you know what you are talking about, buy you don't.

Drainage district representatives were on a special ballot, I think they elect every 4 or 6 years, and the only people who vote are landowners. It is a concurrent but separate special election and you do not need to be a registered voter to vote for them, but rather a registered landowner. Corporations send a representative to vote for their land and out of state landowners are allowed to vote as well.

I learned that at the beauty shop.
Sorry to embarrass you.

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