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kevin (Anonymous) says...

Chris, you are in error.

Drainage district representatives were on a special ballot and the only people who vote for them are landowners.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Paul, I can tell you THINK you know what you are talking about, buy you don't.

Drainage district representatives were on a special ballot, I think they elect every 4 or 6 years, and the only people who vote are landowners. It is a concurrent but separate special election and you do not need to be a registered voter to vote for them, but rather a registered landowner. Corporations send a representative to vote for their land and out of state landowners are allowed to vote as well.

I learned that at the beauty shop.
Sorry to embarrass you.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

1. Christian does not equate to family values. In fact many studies show families that identify as fundamental Christians have a higher divorce rate, domestic violence rate, sexual abuse rate and score low on any happiness quotient.

2. I would rather have my child cared for by a drag queen than a person who believes that God wants him to spread hate, anger, fear and judgment as a message of a loving God.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just happen to think this one is against Christian values, against human values and is born of fear, ignorance and hate.

Those were never my family values.

On Letter to the editor: Family values?

Posted 20 October 2017, 10:02 a.m. Suggest removal

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Dorothy, lots of people are hateful, it is a trait of the weak. most are not, however as stupid.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Christians have had little to do with Christ for centuries

On Letter to the editor: Christian values

Posted 17 October 2017, 2:49 a.m. Suggest removal

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Very direct and as succinct as I can....

If you choose the flag over the Constitution, you are not patriotic, you are borderline treasonous.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Harlan, 2 thing.

1. You are right, the Democratic Party is as screwed up as the Republican Party. It does not reflect anything but it's own self interest and that pisses me off.

2. You are a traitor, calling for the police to beat people who disagree with your opinion. To be supportive of the flag over the Constitution by and large makes you the very definition of a false patriot and perhaps can reach the level of treason. I guess the Democratic Party and you have a common theme, selfish, out of touch and getting it wrong.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

I love Lawrence!

kevin (Anonymous) says...

I have to wonder if you are ever embarrassed with how much you get wrong, in this case, with only 25 or so words.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

It is well documented that affordable housing investments lower crime, increases the tax base and create an overall economic advantage to the communities that have them,

Calling it redistribution of wealth or welfare is very shortsighted and suggest lack of understanding of complex issues.

The FACTS show that it is an investment in making a financially stronger and more stable community.

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