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kevin (Anonymous) says...

There is a flaw in your definition. There has always been an allowance condemning individuals who have one job and that job is to devalue human beings. That is an act of violence, not a point of view and should be met with reasonable force. He is judging people en blanket for being poor (staying at a cheap motel), not for what they say or the content of their character as individuals.. Not on individual behavior, but lumping them all in none group. He is being called out for his behavior and character as an individual, not a blanket judgement as a group. He is being judge on the quality of his actions and the content of his specific character. Sorry to embarrass you with a simple lesson of context, grammar and word meaning, but if the shoe fits. I would much rather live next door to a low cost motel where some people will be more socially engaged than others instead of a singular abusing bigoted jerk.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

I agree Amazon has changed the game.

I agree downtown costs are not proportionate to the market, increasing instability

I agree more could and should be done to preserve a unique and independent downtown.

And this comment is NOT directed at the Olive Oil business which was a really positive and helpful business, but more in general.

There are many thriving companies. Why? They face the same challenges. Because they adapt better. They understand they have to change or die. Companies that find creative ways to up customer service find people will pay a small bit more. Enhanced services such as having an order ready when you walk in, home delivery, taking a package out if a customer who can't find parking calls in. Specialty ordering. Repeat customer discounts.

Amazon changed the game, that does not mean to blame them and go out of business, it means change how you do business.

It's hard, I am not denying that, but it has always been the nature of business, adapt or perish.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

It takes a special type of person to stand up for ripping a blind infant from his mothers arms.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

I find your comment very negative. You are suggesting if we don't do everything then we shouldn't do anything followed by a baseless accusation and immature name calling.. a more reasonable approach could look at this as a starting point and praising the thoughtful youth and question what more could be done.. your negativity makes your point lost..

kevin (Anonymous) says...

While I am voting yes, I have to agree that the county should be ashamed of how terribly they botched this election. We deserve better.

The issues should be separated, there should have been more discussion about sales tax vs. property tax. The information should have been more clear.

I can't speak for everyone, but for the most part, for or against the proposition, most people agree that the county commission should be ashamed of how they handled this.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

I hate to embarrass and shame you with facts, but the FACT is the rule of law decided he should not have been deported.

Your opinion based on your philosophy that if it aint alt right or all white, it aint right does not actually substatute for reason nor rule of law, thank God.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

I realize you are stuck in the 1950's, when men could beat their wives with impunity and races were separated, but this is a new era.

To pretend to not understand the difference between bigoted Q and proud q shows a very 2 dimensional thinking. It must be very frustrating to you to grow increasingly irrelevant as the world progresses without you. I wish you the best.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

As a regular visitor of the library, I do not find what you say to be true. I do not see a strong increased presence of people who are homeless.

Perhaps you are just making something up that is false, presenting it as truth to support your personal biases.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

Bob, I realize you are stuck in the 1950's with 2 dimensional thinking.

However, unlike you, libraries have been keeping up with the times. They know full well books are lessening in demand and yet, as the numbers prove, keep themselves relevant.

They offer movies, video games, audio books, digital books, music, recording studio, art, meeting space, seminars, activities for adults and children, computer classes, historic archives,even seeds.

I realize you presume since you have become stagnant and irrelevant so have the institutions you grew up with.

Rural libraries are also keeping up. Kansas started a cake and cooking supply library that has been proven quite popular. If you want to make a designer cake, instead of having to invest in $50 of new equipment, you can check out a cake pan from your local library and a cook book and then anyone but Bobs your uncle.

It would be nice if you could modernize and become relevant, but alas, some things are destined to go the way of the dodo.

kevin (Anonymous) says...

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