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kansasplains1 (Lawrence Morgan) says...

This is a great idea! In the Bay Area it is very common; it is often combined with clean-up of a particular park, then planting flowers. I like it very much, because then everyone can enjoy the flowers, where if the flowers are planted in peoples' back yards, very few people can see or enjoy them.

In Golden Gate Park, for example, groups of people have their own space for flowers that they particularly like - dahlias, for example. This is another possibility that could be included in Lawrence.

People can also have flowers within parklets. I have expanded on this earlier:


kansasplains1 (Lawrence Morgan) says...

Smoking is prohibited in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and in most parks in Northern California. Who wants to go to the park and have waves of cigarette smoke or e-cigs - and the response has been terrific.

kansasplains1 (Lawrence Morgan) says...

What about uber and Lyft? Are they coming to Lawrence?

These companies have great service in other cities.

Or do the taxi cab companies want to keep them out too, creating a further monopoly?

kansasplains1 (Lawrence Morgan) says...

I do not like Sam Brownback, but this is an important change: we need doctors and nurses throughout Kansas, not just in Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City. It's about time that money and resources are shifted throughout the state, not just Lawrence and Kansas City.

kansasplains1 (Lawrence Morgan) says...

A very much to the point editorial.

For every flight that is made with the KU jet, very important questions should be asked:

Are the taxpayers really benefiting from this flight, or is the flight the result of benefit primarily to the KU athletic department or other KU Department flight.

Then, if the flight still needs to be made, much of the time the costs will go to the individual departments, not taxpayers.

The following paragraph is right to the point: "Maybe Kansas lawmakers, Internal Revenue Service or Federal Aviation Administration officials could work out a polity whereby various KU departments and Kansas Athletics could pay for their use of the plane with revenues generated by their own efforts (previous words emphasized) rather than state - meaning taxpayer - dollars."

On Editorial: Who should pay?

Posted 4 March 2015, 5:22 a.m. Suggest removal

kansasplains1 (Lawrence Morgan) says...

Great photos.

On Biggs On Mass fire

Posted 4 March 2015, 5:14 a.m. Suggest removal

kansasplains1 (Lawrence Morgan) says...

A superb article, Ms. Dillon and the Journal-World.

This is what high class reporting is all about!

kansasplains1 (Lawrence Morgan) says...

Congratulations to the Journal World.

And to those who didn't quite make it, but with excellent stories as well, also congratulations.

I would like to see the entire awards report for the whole state of Kansas.

kansasplains1 (Lawrence Morgan) says...

It seems like a very important group to me.

Are any Buddhists involved?

Any atheists?

Any other branches of other religions, including the ahmadiyya muslims who I work with in The Gambia?

Why is it so important to reach agreement before you have public meetings? I would have thought that the public meetings would expose all points of view.

It's a very good article, but you never mention the twelve themes. What are they?

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