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Armen Kurdian

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jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

Yes Ms. Molineux, because Obama did none of that when he was in office. Frankly I think the Peace Price should go to the unheralded folks, but giving it to Obama was an insult to the legacy of that award.

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

Leonard Pitts, Champion Cherry Picker. Hey LP, why don't you celebrate the LA riots violence and talk about that a little bit huh? Oh I'm sorry, that doesn't fit your narrative.

You have got to be one of the worst columnists in the country.

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

He's actually been sounding it for a long time. A BBA won't work so long as there is an appetite for more spending. You need to have a President and enough in Congress who don't care so much about re-election as doing the right thing.

On Opinion: Are we now in a debt trap?

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jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

That's $3.4M actual this year...unadjusted for inflation. Wow, that is just awful.

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

What must it be like to be you Mr. Pitts? I can't imagine how twisted your mind is to have the gall to put this down as a column.

On Opinion: Racism is more than prejudice

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jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

I think KU used to have two or three, but pared down to one if I remember correctly. The total ownership cost of the jet, including maintenance, ground crew, insurance, fuel, flight crew, etc., needs to be offset by a fairly calculated ROI. I agree that saying w/o the jet we would not have raised $155M is disingenuous.

However, I think we all know that face-to-face engagement is more valuable than VTC, phone, or other electronic means of communication. The chancellor's time is very valuable, as is Bill Self's, or other senior KU officials'.

Let's say the chancellor needs to go to a meeting in Texas. Ad hoc example. He'd have to travel to the airport, catch a flight, disembark and go to where he's going. That's takes quite a bit longer than going to the airfield and flying an aircraft that's wheels up 5 minutes after he straps in.

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

What is WRONG with you LP??? The police didn't want to arrest them, that is patently obvious, and THAT is why they were released so quickly. The wrong actions of ONE individual and you are painting all of society?

Why does LJW still let this guy write for them???

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

The $1B deficit is a fair criticism. In his somewhat defense, the Republican House is very fractious. The Senate even more so. Democrats do a much better job of closing ranks around a single thrust, Republicans have yet to master that, leadership is probably a factor there.

Remember that Ryan didn't want to be Speaker. He took the job because 1) Boehner begged him to and 2) to get tax reform done. The tax package wasn't the best, but better than what we have, though the Omnibus spending bill was off the rails.

I think he will stay in private life...I very much doubt he wants to run for President. He doesn't strike me as wanted to subject himself to that.

On Opinion: Ryan is no Margaret Chase Smith

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jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

Honestly, it sounds like this column was written by someone in high school. Is it necessary to point out all the things wrong with it? Like how Syrian misinformation fed to his people, and his supporters makes it seem like throngs of general populace supporting Assad? Shooting down dozens of Tomahawks coming from a direction they did not expect? Getting the UK and France to join on the strike which in and of itself sends a very big message to Syria, Iran, and Russia? Taking out chemical capabilities which are much harder to reproduce and repair than striking an airfield?

If Trump had not acted, this guy would be writing a column as to how weak Trump was. If he had done more, he would be criticized for using too much force. Seriously, the one who is weak here is the columnist, his agenda is transparent.

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

Come on guys...not cool.

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