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Armen Kurdian

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jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

Hard to believe that all the accusations against Moore aren't true. Remember Bob Packwood? Al Franken now...and I believe there was another Senator around 96-97 that also resigned due to sexual misbehavior. too much of it.

On Opinion: If he wins, he should be expelled

Posted 21 November 2017, 2:28 p.m. Suggest removal

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

I'm sure the vast majority of the complaints are true against all of these folks, including Roy Moore...I hope no one is trying to capitalize and making false or overly exaggerated accusations, because that just sets everything back when that happens.

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

This is an overreach, and an effort to collect more from individuals. This kind of thing has gone rampant in states like California, which have run into rent control issues, supply issues, and even to the point of involuntary requirements to search properties that are for rent. Sounds good on paper, but it's a big intrusion into private property rights.

On Editorial: Rental rules are reasonable

Posted 17 November 2017, 10:25 a.m. Suggest removal

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

Steny is not a bad guy. Don't agree w/him politically, but he's a respectable Democrat...lived in Southern Maryland a couple of times, even met him once.

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

Holy cow, after the active retreat from our leadership role in the last eight years you're all of a sudden concerned? This is a guy who got a state reception from the king of Saudi Arabia vice the other guy who wasn't even met at the airport.

On Opinion: Trump returns; America retreats

Posted 16 November 2017, 4:14 p.m. Suggest removal

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

These guys wouldn't even try to get a touchdown when the game was lost. Win one drive for crying out loud. In eight years, there has been no improvement. Eight years we've been this bad.

On Gameday Breakdown: KU football vs. Baylor

Posted 4 November 2017, 2:32 p.m. Suggest removal

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

Let's face it, we're done, the season is over, we may not win a single game all year. Fire everyone, burn down AFH, and use a cyber attack to exterminate any reference to KU hoops throughout the world.

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

City Hall and Court buildings should have internal security and police presence, they are important enough to warrant that protection. The only ones who should be allowed concealed carry should be LEOs, whether local, state, or federal w/in those buildings. Do that, and there's no reason for anyone else to walk in w/a gun.

As for other buildings w/o security, that's a different question, open for debate.

On Editorial: No guns in court

Posted 31 October 2017, 11:17 a.m. Suggest removal

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

Enough with the optimism. Stop giving kudos in public until you perform, until they win, it's not good enough, it's just that simple. Let's get serious.

jhawks1510 (Armen Kurdian) says...

LP talking about objectivity is like appointing Harvey Weinstein as your Equal Opportunity Advocate. He never cared about the truth for the last eight years, all of a sudden it matters to him.

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