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Francis Hunt

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frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

"Undersheriff Gary Bunting, who oversees the Douglas County Jail, partly blames a Kansas statute for the increased jail population." The key word is "partly." The change from 90 to 150 days is not the only problem. How about the sharp increase in violent crime in Douglas County? How about people that violate their probation and people that repeatedly don't appear for their hearings. Don't forget to place some of the blame on those who break the law.

What Douglas County residents should do is actually educate themselves on all of the facts, needs and issues and not just bits and pieces that are selectively fed to them.

On Letter to the editor: Reverse trial law

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frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

"...county officials contended that the only option is to submit a single ballot issue seeking a half-cent sales tax increase"

I read this and thought they meant they can split the tax but they can't split the question, e.g. they can only ask 1 ballot question (half cent) not 2 ballot questions (quarter cent and a quarter cent).

On Editorial: Options exist for jail, center

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frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

Impressive, is it your years of experience, your extensive research or many hours in meetings on this issue that has provided your expertise in this subject?

Even more impressive is your ability to predict what the Kansas legislature will do "’s important to note that it should not be difficult to get legislative approval in the 2018 session to amend the Douglas County statute to allow for a sales tax rate in .25 percent increments..."

But I wonder, do you read your own paper? "... to date, the county has solely focused on sales tax to fund the projects. Property taxes or a combination of sales and property taxes could be considered."

On Editorial: Options exist for jail, center

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frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

Brian if you don't think Lawrence has a higher quality of life than the other 5 cities then what are you doing here?

frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

First, there are already 36 municipalities in Kansas (no special tax districts included) that are 9.5% or higher. Second, let's put this into perspective and look at these "large" cities, their tax (they are all over 9% except Wichita), their population and their economy to get a realistic picture of how Lawrence rates:
1) Wichita (7.5% tax) population over 389,000, home to Cessna, Spirit AeroSystems, Hawker Beechcraft, Cargill Meat, Boeing Defense, Bombardier Aerospace, Koch Industries, T-Mobile, Intrust Bank, AT&T and Cox Communications.
2) Overland Park (9.1% tax) population over 188,000, home to Black & Veatch, ProPharma Group, Ferrellgas, Spencer Reed, Lansing Trade, Spring, SwissRe, Teva, Waddell & Reed and Zurich.
3) Kansas City, KS (9.125% tax) population over 151,000. Home to Sporting KC, Cerner, General Motors, Hollywood Casino, and the racetrack.
4) Olathe (9.475% tax) population over 135,000 home to Garmin and Terracon.
5) Topeka (9.15% tax) population over 126,000 home to State of Kansas, BlueCross BlueShield, Goodyear Tire, BNSF, Mars, Frito Lay, Reser's, Security Benefit Life, Hill's, Westar, just to name a few.
6) Lawrence (9.05% tax) population around 95,000 home to Berry Plastics, Hallmark, Schlumberger, Prosoco, GCSAA, Big Heart, Amarr, DST, to name a few.
7) Shawnee (9.6% tax) population over 65,000 outside of Bayer I don't know.
Finally let's think about the quality of life in Lawrence compared to these other 5 cities.

It comes as no surprise the ljworld has already made up their mind on this issue and will put their spin on all stories related to this issue.

frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

LJW, Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but have you ever considered learning the facts before sharing your opinion with your readers? It's difficult to take your editorials serious when it is apparent that you don't know all the facts OR you have chosen not to share all of the facts.

On Editorial: Consider issues separately

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frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

There are many schools located near police departments. In "normal" communities they consider that a positive but not here! Two that immediately come to mind, Shawnee Mission East is located near the Prairie Village Police Department and Shawnee Mission West is located near the Overland Park Police Department, they have coexisted for at least 40 years. USD497 is under the impression they run this town and everyone should kowtow to them, they really need to realize they aren't the only game in town and get over themselves.

frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

If by the "current location" you mean the JLEC building downtown the city doesn't own it. It is owned by the county and the city leases space.

frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

Do your homework Calvin, "...smaller offices located around the city" would be a much more expensive option.

Richard, FYI you can't build a critical service facility (hospital, fire station, police station, etc) in a flood plain. The Riverfront Plaza is in a floodplain.

frankiehunt (Francis Hunt) says...

Agree Charles. What is amusing is if whoever wrote this editorial bothered to read their own newspaper they would know why the "more prudent strategy" they mention in the last paragraph doesn't work.

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