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Daniel Kennamore

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dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

Thanks to Trump's profound incompetence, the leaders of North & South Korea realized the United States cannot be counted on anymore due to having a toddler for a president and moved on without him.

Fixed that for you.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

The article reads like someone watching two squirrels fight in their yard and then claiming the one that shares their political views is a genius while the other is just a stupid squirrel.

Trump, as with everything he does, was a bumbling mess and Korea is moving on without him.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

The fact that you see them moving on without us as anything but a sign of Trump tanking our global influence just shows how far gone you are.

Get help.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

I see you've dialed your crazy ramblings up to 10 for today.

What's the matter? Worried your Dear Leader's orange prison suit will clash with skin?

Must be stressful watching your savior go down in flames.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

Thinking you're the only sane one is literally a clinical symptom of paranoid schizophrenia.

Honestly, I really am starting to think you might be a danger to yourself or others.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

That's a lot like saying 'it's amazing people would prefer the sun rise in the east then so and so get a win!'

Pointing at the thing that was always going to happen and saying 'yup, that's what happened' isn't a preference. It's just reality.

I'm sorry you bought his BS and got your hopes up despite all evidence the man is incapable of doing anything. But, just like everything related to the buffoon, it was all bluster and fell apart when the real work started and tweets were no longer enough.

This was never going to be a win for him. You were duped, yet again.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

"You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used."

Nothing says 'open hostility is not acceptable' quite like threatening to nuke them off the face of the earth in the letter chastising them for it.

Such awesome negotiation skills. I can't even fathom why this fell apart. lol

Also, this letter reads like it was written by a 6th grader. Does no one even proof his letters to bring them up to a high school reading level anymore or has everyone in the White House given up on him as well?

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

"repealing the ban on shooting bear cubs in their dens"

He was just taking the 2A literally.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

On the bright side, those collector coins Trump had minted to celebrate his bigly huge diplomacy skills with NK are now available at an extreme discount!

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

No one is taking pleasure in the fact it was cancelled.

We all already knew that would happen.

We are taking pleasure in watching that reality sink for his supporters who once again didn't believe what everyone was telling them no matter how true.

Watching you all scramble to invent a new set of lies now that the last set have fallen through is sad and entertaining at the same time.

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