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Jim Schilling

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claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...

So Andrew let me explain how it works for you. On my Westar bill I see the amount of electricity I use from the grid and I see the amount of generation created by my system that is more than I need. The rules about net metering changed just prior to when I put my system on my house so I have a different set of rules than those that have older systems.

What happens with that excess is I receive a credit on my bill, at the wholesale rate, not retail and there is no way to spin that because the numbers are different and my credit number is smaller per kwh. I "bank" no energy and Westar "banks" no energy on my behalf. They sell what goes back into the grid from my system. Just like people who put a system on after October 28, 2015 will now seemingly have a different set of rules to follow than I do I have a different set than longer term customers.

You are subsidizing ZERO of my share. In fact I am subsidizing you because I am required by Kansas law to remain grid tied. I pay the same as you do, I just use less from the grid. If I decided to stop using light bulbs and function by candlelight should I have to pay more because I use less? No, you just want me to.

claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...

The law in Kansas is if you have solar that produces more than you use it is sold to Westar at wholesale rates that they turn around and sell retail for profit. Westar is not "storing on the grid for them later" they are selling it as soon as they can.

That makes every rooftop solar setup a mini power plant for Westar that they didn't have to build IF it overproduces which most do NOT do.

As a solar owner I pay the exact same connectivity fees everyone else does and any electricity I use from the grid I pay for at retail rates the same as everyone else. By having solar I put less demand on the grid during peak times which benefits Westar again.

There is no harm to Westar from rooftop solar except their bottom line.

claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...

There is no "considering", they are going to do it. This is part of the plan that they started in 2013 to raise rates 6% every year through 2017 so that we could pay for all of the construction.

The aggravating thing is that they will keep on increasing in all the years that follow as well because now we will have to pay operating costs. Now we need the city to grow to spread the new costs out among a larger population like the new treatment plant is meant to handle. I assume that the city is working equally hard on making it easier for job providers to come to Lawrence and start doing business right? Any day now I expect that Lawrence VenturePark to announce some big employers coming in to set up shop and offer good paying jobs that can help build the community up.

claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...

Veganomicon is a great one to go with, especially when starting out or trying new things.

The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet is another great one for a wide variety of options for patties to throw on the grill.

On Cookbooks for a vegan crash course

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claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...

Westar does not charge customers with solar panels more. They would like to but cannot get the legislation passed. If they did get it passed homes that have solar installed already would be grandfathered in with the previous rate structure.

Also, the lease on solar is no different than a home equity loan. A buyer does not have to assume it. The seller can pay off the lease with the proceeds of the sale. I'd be curious to see any real data that suggests it is harder to sell a house with solar installed.

claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...


While it is the right thing to do to allow employees leave for a funeral there is no law that requires it of a private employer. If you were working for a state entity then there certainly are policies that allow funeral leave for employees.

If it is a policy of the company to grant leave for a funeral then you should have not been told you couldn't go. That should have been dealt with through HR, not an employee calling the KS Department of Labor. It sounds like you got a job in a place where there was no trust in both directions already established. That sucks.

claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...

Someone please correct me if I am wrong but if he submitted falsified tax returns won't the feds be wanting to visit with him?

I don't think the LPD and District Attorney would be a big player in this other than to turn over the information.

claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...

They are/should be.

Makes one wonder how deep this rabbit hole goes.

claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...

There is actually no shell egg shortage. It has primarily affected liquid eggs for foodservice. My job has me involved in food purchasing so I've got the inside scoop.

The total cull was only 9% of the egg laying flock nationwide. The coasts have no supply issues. I believe it has worked well for a price increase for Midwest egg suppliers.

On Letter: Go egg-free

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claimin_eastside (Jim Schilling) says...

Has anyone seen Farmer lately? He got enough of a head start that he could already be set-up nicely in a new South American address.

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