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bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...

Ban all firearms for 6 months and see how many mass killings happen during that period. Because I think they will still occur and some may be worse because explosives will be used. Personally I don't care one way or another about guns. They're a red herring and they're being focussed on because they're the easiest thing to see. The reason for mass killings are deeper. There won't be a quick fix because the reasons have had about two generations to be created. That's not to say that shooters are limited to the last two generations. The vegas shooting and Austin sniper shooting in 1966 proves that. Emotions are too high in the country and it's getting dangerous. As long as we all take up sides about an issue things will get worse. Whenever someone throws in their two cents there's always some folks that adjust it for inflation so that it ain't worth a plug nickel.

bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...

Are these walkouts using snow days? Everyone's so busy celebrating and feeling all warm and fuzzy that they have lost sight on the fact that they get out of classes and get to hangout at a park or wherever some decide to go. Which genius decided that they're making a statement? A statement has been made--adults in school administration lack backbone and get easily duped.

It would be interesting to see how many show up if it's in the summer and on their own time. All of what's going on is fine but it shouldn't be on school time. Sacrificing free time would be a stronger statement too.

bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...

From the git go this whole thing has been controversial and I suppose it probably still is. But what happened at the school, which is intolerable and needs to be dealt with as such, is also sad. Clearly, the whole issue still presents a problem for you but you're not dealing with it. Drinking and raging in the school office means you're hiding from the problem.

So Mr. Cobb, I just want to say I hope you will get the help you need. If your drinking has been happening for a while and you've been able to hide it clearly that's now been blown out of the water. I'm writing this just to let you know there are people out here who are concerned about your well being. My hope is that by getting the proper help you need it will help you work through everything associated with this (and right now I'm concerned about any embarrassment and what that could lead to that would make all of this even worse)

I would also suggest that if you do want help then start by asking Jesus first. He will do it.

bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...

Just throwing in my two cents here--I've had dry skin on my hands since 6th grade and it gets worse as I get older. And it can be real bad too. I always seem to have cracks and bleeding.. May have to try super glue . But I've found that what works best for me (and I've tried a lot of different things including expensive stuff) but none of it worked very well. But now I have found that vaseline advanced therapy works the best and it's a whole lot cheaper than a lot of things out there.

bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...


Since it's the end of the year and since I read your stories but have only commented once I just wanted to say thanks for these articles. They do a good job of showing how things were then and how people pulled together to support the troops as well as what things were like for the troops in France. Looking forward to the rest as the war came to an end.

Thank you.

bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...

Some good news here. Still have more work but at least we can see some progress for what's been done so far. At the very least it seems to me everyone, no matter what side of the issue they fall can at least be happy about this.

Why not stop the bickering and start looking at the environmental issues as a chance all of us, individually, can conduct a scientific experiment to see what happens to the environment. The details of the experiment can be worked out later. And since we're not in congress maybe gridlock can be avoided. It seems to me that those who deny climate change should want to do that so that when, in their thinking, the environment is still messed up they can shout victory from all of the wilted tree tops.

On Letter to the editor: Climate awareness

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bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...

I like this idea. For the last 20 some years I've been unhappy with every candidate and as a result every office holder. If anyone wants to sign the petition the link that says Party of the Center will take you there.

bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...

Jan, talk to a lawyer to see if you have any options in small claims court since you have an oral contract.

bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...

It seems everywhere you turn now days students whine enough and curriculums are either questioned or changed. I would've loved going to school in this environment cuz I would've been right there on the front lines trying to get the curriculum dumbed down.

Teach the book as it's always been taught. Then have the kids dry their eyes and sniffles from all of the bawling they've so cruelly been put through and have them write papers about the book, their opinion of it and back it up using critical thinking skills. Although I suppose the concept of critical thinking would have to be taught first since a frightening amount of people have now been indoctrinated by PC.

Keeping with the civil war theme, what if Lincoln had the same attitude that educators and politicians have now days? Southern secession would've happened because Lincoln and others in the north wouldn't have wanted to hurt their feelings.

bryanbowen (Bryan Bowen) says...


I agree with what you say about jail time. But they gotta be caught first. We all think we can get away with things. Cameras and 24/7 monitoring won't be a deterent for some but it will give police extra help.

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