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brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

Where's the tweet from Orange Flubber? I'm guessing he'll head to West Virginia and try to claim that he created jobs there.

Also....where's my $1.50? Does that guy with the fishing pole and the waders have it?

brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

Hasn't this issue been under discussion for years? And you haven't figured it out yet? The problem might not be the language of the constitution, it might just lie somewhere else.

brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

Sprawl. Period.

The challenge in any community is being purely reactive to business interests and plans. Single-story retail means bad-paying jobs, parking lot run-off, city services, and on and on.

Just once, it would be interesting to see someone, other than the downtown developments (which are exactly what the community needs) come to the table with something with some imagination.

How about multi-level building with residential above? How about a list of potential tenants who pay livable wages? How about an environmentally friendly game-plan?

Same bad ideas, new location. It's like trying to decide whether to watch Storage Wars or Miami Tow. They are both epically awful, so there is the slightest amount of distinction with absolutely no difference.

brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

Here's how you make this mess of an idea actually work. First, require at least two stories of residential housing above every square foot of retail space. Second, you require the building to be LEED certified, with a significant solar installation. Third, you require that all run-off be captured an re-sourced.

The end result? A building with multiple revenue streams, a lower carbon imprint, an environmentally responsible way to handle water and a model for future developments in the city. If the goofs from North Carolina can't get behind that, then they should go back where they came from and eat some Tanger pie.

brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

I don't know why, but I am constantly surprised by the smallness, pettiness and anger of some people.

brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

You couldn't be more wrong. It's exposed Trump as more than pervert-in-chief. Now, people are beginning to understand his love of fascism and his racist bent. Glad these kids did their research, understood the original issue and helped move forward what is a much bigger issue - a country half-full amoral bigots.

brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

Here's how I would define hating your country: voting for a man who four times stiffed people for hundreds of millions of dollars, then created a "university" that was documented to purposefully fleece people who were trying to build-up their lives, then walked into a dressing room of partially closed teenage girls (and bragged about it), and then cheated on his wives, and then tried to kick American children out of the country just because their parents aren't American. That's some real hate for Americans. And I'm more interested in Americans than in America.

Proud of these kids for exercising their right to free speech. They've got more backbone than 63 million trump voters - combined.

brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

So, you are suggesting that the police might not assist a citizen because the officers might have a personal bias? That sounds like a potential problem that people might want to protest against.

brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

What's up with the attitude in Markus' letter? Too much fox-fix for our city manager I'm guessing. Or he's trying to cut back on caffeine. Go have a mountain dew and calm you stuff down.

To all the people who didn't like Dave Corliss, this is what you get when you import a mean-tempered republican from a crap state like Iowa.

brettmccabe (Brett McCabe) says...

I'm glad to see the ACLU fighting the good fight.

The biggest challenges to our democracy and to our society are: Right to Vote, Gerrymandering, Income Inequality, Health Insurance and Big Money Politics. The litmus test for 2018 candidates are there stances on these five issues.

Make election day a national holiday. Make it easy to register and easy to vote. Remove elected officials from the redistricting process. Raise the min. wage and tax the rich. Health insurance for all. Reform campaign finance. Then, welcome to an America that actually loves Americans.

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