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adioszenger (Anonymous) says...

Chancellor Girod is really off to a great start after this and not firing AD Zenger after the football season.

Really looks like we hired another stellar administrator! /s

adioszenger (Anonymous) says...

Totally agree Nathan. If you look at his Facebook page, he links to this article and one of his "followers" calls the author of the article a POS. Someone who acts like they're tolerant and doing good for the world is calling a newspaper reporter a POS for writing an obvious public story of interest. A person who was banned from campus for being a bully and harassing an administrator is now teaching at the same institution.

Now.. the above is just fact and common sense. But I'd like to say a few things that are opinion. My first comment got removed likely because I said Caleb is as bad as the people he protests against. If you look at his posting history (as has been pointed out) he uses intimidation, violence and hatefulness under the guise of social justice to prey on those he doesn't like. He does not care about POC, about disadvantaged people or anyone who's been oppressed or marginalized by society. He is simply using the movement of social justice to cast a spotlight on himself and use it for personal gain. If Caleb were reading this comment, he would think I'm a white person trying to keep him down when in reality I have a PhD in clinical psychology from KU and can clearly see a troubled young man who's latched onto a social movement and used it to make himself feel big.

It could not be any more cut and dry that someone who paints such large generalizations about groups of people different from himself is as bad as those he's generalizing against. The day his "followers" realize that they've been swindled by a snake oil salesman who doesn't have their best interest in mind but is instead using them for his own self interest, is the day that they'll grow in a more positive way as a person. It's disgusting that he manipulates people into being hateful and divisive towards those who often don't deserve it. Of course racism is horrible as is sexism, xenophobia, etc. And yes there are still injustices in our society that go unchallenged. But he and his "followers" need only look at MLK, who mind you knows a thing or two about the subject, to see that Caleb Stephens approach is disgraceful when compared to prominent black rights leaders of the past.

I plan to voice my concerns to the chancellor and hope other alums, students and citizens of Lawrence do as well.

adioszenger (Anonymous) says...

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