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Kendall Simmons

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acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

Thanks for the clarification.

acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

I worked at the KU Libraries for 22 years. I was there during the transition from card catalogs to electronic catalogs, and browsing through the stacks was becoming more and more popular, rather than looking items up in the card catalog.

The people who complained the most? Old-school librarians who were absolutely sure that professors and other serious researchers NEEDED the card catalog. That's how they researched...and WANTED to research.

Heck, an assistant dean had an argument with me about it at the circ. desk (I was head of circulation at the time). He didn't want to hear what I had seen in real life.

However, there was an older professor standing behind him who finally interrupted and told that dean that he was mistaken. That being able to look up something online in his office, then later going directly into the stacks, finding that particular item, then browsing through the other material there on the same subject there on the shelves was MUCH more useful than just looking through the card catalog.

The dean harrumpfed, then strode off in a fit of pique. But he never raised that argument again :-)

Change is hard for many people. And, sure, not all change is good. But so many people who are change-averse don't differentiate. ALL change is bad in their opinion...when what they *really* mean is that they, personally, find change stressful.

acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

And we mustn't forget that Susan Wagle wants to cut taxes because of an "estimate" of our having more money coming in next fiscal year.

Hmmm. So I run a business and think I'll make a bigger profit than I'd expected. So I should cut my prices??? Never mind looking at spending those increased profits wisely. Again...hmmm.

acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

I wonder if she'll be like so many other proponents and claim that we will "save" a million dollars a year by not farming out inmates to other counties. Even though...even excluding the $44 million for the expansion...we're still gonna have to pay an additional $5 million a year to staff the expansion. That is NOT "saving" money.

acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

Yes. You *have* been personally degrading in your posts. And if you haven't realized by now that racial biases do, indeed, exist even here in "liberal Lawrence", then you haven't been paying attention.

I personally don't think that Justice Matters has presented a decent alternative. They leave too much out of their mental health campus proposal. But that does NOT mean that we should vote "yes" on the county's proposal.

(Never mind that they actually mislead us...perhaps inadvertently...about what they were "required" by state law to do. Or that they're threatening to just fund the jail...and to heck with mental health services...if we don't vote "yes". I am NOT impressed.)

acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

You don't understand why Johnston County, Iowa is being a consultant to Douglas County, Kansas???

You don't understand why telling us about successful programs is a GOOD thing???

Weird. You sound just like a Russian troll.

In the first place, Johnston County, Iowa is NOT "consulting" with us. Rather, an individual from there told us of their experiences. About their successful programs. Like I said, your comments here are Russian troll-sounding.

acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

Were *you* there, Melinda???

If so, there were far more than 20 people, weren't there?

acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

The "progressive" thing to do would be to vote no!!!

You don't incarcerate people to give them mental health services. Why is that so hard for so many people to understand?

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acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

I was ALSO going to argue with that "save $1 million" nonsense.

My gosh...excluding the costs of building the darned extension, it's gonna cost us an additional $6 million a year in staffing costs.

So that so-called "saved" million merely reduces our additional staffing costs. We're still having to spend an additional $5 million a year.

This is basic arithmetic. I wonder why people can't put two and two together and come up with four.

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acornwebworks (Kendall Simmons) says...

Uh..."some would tell us that a crisis center alone is enough, without increased jail space and without any longer-term plan for those with mental illnesses"???

Why don't you think a crisis center will help?

And "longer-term plan for those with mental illness"??? Are you seriously suggesting that the way people in Douglas County should get longer-term mental health care is to be incarcerated???

The county commissioners do NOT have to opt for a property tax increase if the sales tax plan and building a jail doesn't go through. That's what they WANT you to believe. But if you do the math, you'll realize that it's actually WAAAAY cheaper to keep "farming out" prisoners which costs us $1 million a year) than it is to staff an expanded jail (never mind building it) at $5 million a year!!! Talk about "pay more, get less".


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