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Fred Whitehead Jr.

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Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

The Second Amendment says "a well-regulated militia".........a "well-regulated militia" (Read it carefully........) The misreading of the intent of the founders to create a national defense force is in total the cause of the gun crazy notions we currently so gleefully accept today.

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

Sadly there are way too many occasions where "religion" is hauled out as a hammer to make some sort of position in way too many cases. "religion" is a matter of faith and belief, not any sort of concrete fact or situation. But far too many people use "religion" as a basis for their notions and beliefs.

It is a continuing fraud and misrepresentation that we see way too much of in government and our society these days.

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

Richard N, ........I have been hoping that the walls would have caved in on this disgusting idiot that clueless voters elected. But he seems to be like a cat......nine lives.

I hope that your assessment of the national swamp with the head alligator would have corrected itself long ago but Republicans in the congress seem to like this foul smell coming from the White House

The beat goes on.

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

I guess that a lot of folks that their detractors would identify as "liberal" are deciding to stay hidden. AA general sampling of many of the posts on this forum tells me that there are a lot of folks who think that so called "liberals" ought to be rounded up and jailed.

The so-called "conservatives have had their say, they got their incompetent, debauched, illegitimate "President" and the mess that he has created is newsworthy in the "real news".

On Opinion: RFK was the last tough liberal

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Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

Wow!! This one got a lot of feedback.

While I do not disagree with most of your letter I do have a comment. My father was an Army artillery officer in WWII. He participated in putting steel up Hitler's butt.

He had a number of weapons that he kept stored away from the family unless we went hunting or target shooting. His take on this was this.

As a military man, I do not reveal to anyone that I have weapons of any kind. Anyone who has ever been in the military knows that you do not reveal your means of defending yourself to anyone, friend or foe. The fact that an attacker does not know this is your first and best defense. Your letter reveals this and is most misguided in your zeal to promote your standing on this gun issue. Your attackers know you will be armed. They may be more so.

I chose to remain silent on this issue.

On Letter to the editor: More guns needed

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Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

Steve, anyone who has been awake for the last 6 months ought to know that the liar-in-chief is up to his ears in collusion with the dictator of the Soviet Union and that his campaign worked hand in hand to elect him "President". The special prosecutor will define this in due time and the current occupant of the White House will be revealed for the criminal existence he now possesses. This is what you get when you still have the Rectoral Collage in place of a legitimate election process for the highest office in the country. A draft dodger in charge of the U.S. military. I will stop here,. There is much more to come.

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

And the beat goes on.....with this unelected, incompetent, ignorant fool in the White House, we are assailed daily with the stupidity and ignorance of the jerk who is laughably referred to as the "president of the united states"

When will Congress wake up from their perpetual slumber, and act to remove this assault on democracy and liberty that currently exists in "the swamp"?? When??..........when?????

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

I cannot believe all the hubbub and drivel about street lights. I am happy that the city omimission finally made a reasonable and financially sound decision in this matter. My pocketbook feels better.

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

Weapons of war should only be in the hands of the "well-regulated militia as the second amendment states. The argument that we need to defend ourselves against the government is stupid, silly and not valid.

Hunters and target shooting is certainly reasonable. Sporting weapons are certainly allowable. I use to hunt with my father, a military officer who owned a number of weapons for sport...Weapons of war and destruction are not needed. Who needs them?

No one.

On Editorial: Guns and the art of compromise

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Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

"Some studies have shown that nighttime exposure to blue light is unhealthy


What studies? What group? Where is the validity of these "studies"??

This is the most ignorant, stupid and utterly misleading comment I think I have ever heard.

The "color" of light being unhealthy????? What a crock!!

What next......the color of Stop signs being unsettling?? Red can be VERY unsettling you know. We need turquoise stop signs to keep some folks from felling attacked by the corner "Stop" sign................yeah..........just as stupid and insignificant.

On Editorial: Lighting switch not necessary

Posted 20 February 2018, 3:49 p.m. Suggest removal

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