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Fred Whitehead Jr.

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Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

Religious freedom.............if you happen to be Brownback's religion.............

No LGBT rights

No birth control

No abortions

No gay marriages.

Really great freedoms!!!!!!!!!!!!..............What a crock of "you-know-what!!!!

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

Trump is a public health emergency........and there is no pill for that...

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

Someone ought to sue him for impersonating a qualified government employee.

Kansas should have him return the portion of his salary that is wasted on his trips to Washington to suck up to Chump.

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

The "insanity" being the willingness to accept the disgusting, degrading fool who was (un) elected to the White House.

People willing to express their racist hatred of the "real" black, Muslim, non-citizen President of the United States (according to the "winner" Trump) and his bought and sold candidate (and their endless blather that Mrs. Clinton would be worse) is beyond reality and belief. She was Secretary of State, very well versed in the operation of government, and very competent in all of her previous positions such as being elected Senator in the state of New York.

Maybe she made a few mistakes in handling so called "classified information" but do any of you who have never been in the military what they are really talking about and just how "information" is "classified" and transmitted?

How many others in government service might have done the same or far worse??Do you have any idea of just what your are making your decisions on? We now have a disgusting, debauched, degraded fool with his fingers on the nuclear codes and in a war of words with a very dangerous enemy in North Korea. Would Mrs. Clinton hazard our country with this crap?? I think not.

But the foolish voters bought the "real" fake news that she would destroy the government, establish "Liberalism" (whatever the hell that means) and reveal all our government secrets to our enemies. This along with other massive hogwash on a clearly competent government servant has caused the fraudulent election of a damned fool and jerk in the White House.

On Letter to the editor: Trying times

Posted 24 October 2017, 11:59 a.m. Suggest removal

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

This is any surprise that Kobach has his fingers in??

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

This is news??? I think by now that most intelligent and competent citizens are very well aware of the horrible and disgusting mistake that our Constitution (The Electoral College) has made. The presence of this 18th century anomaly in our founding document has done great damage to our country. The failure to elevate the true winner to the office of President of the United States has already had dire effect to our nation.

Trump is a card carrying racist and bigot. Something that all honest folks will realize that their hatefulness toward the other candidate is the most destructive element of modern elections.

This disgusting and incompetent fool who "won" the election will be the greatest disaster in modern history. He cannot function even in his own party.

On Opinion: Trump embodies white privilege

Posted 22 October 2017, 11:15 a.m. Suggest removal

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

Gobs of jobs........Wow!! Kansas seems to be attracting a lot of workers (?)

What kind of "jobs"? Are they permanent or just temporary to enhance the jobs report?

Do they pay more than minimum wage? You cannot support a family on "minimum" wages.

Is there any sort of a future in these "jobs" like for more than 6 months?

Reports like this really piss me off, they do not reflect the true nature of employment in Kansas.

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

liberal, liberal, liberal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The screech of the ignorant idiot who cannot think in any other direction..............

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

i kknew it......i knew it........!!!!!!!! i paged through these posts and KNEW I would find the congenital "liberal screamer" posting his ridiculous blather!! i knew it.........i knew it!!!!!!!!! Put a sock in it, Bob,

Yeoman2 (Fred Whitehead Jr.) says...

"WE don't need radical right wing conservatives taking over our education systems"

Why not? They elected the damned fool who is in the White House. Might as well give up and let the clueless voters who have started the decline of the republic have their stupid notions of education instituted.

It will all go nicely with the ultimate destruction of our country.

"they are likening it to the NASA moon missions of the 1960s" Like Apollo 13??

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