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Bob Summers

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Skippy (Bob Summers) says...

Pitts makes a compelling critically thought out argument to arm Liberals.

But I disagree.

The last thing the world needs is more Liberals like James Hodgkinson armed or the savagery of Kathy Griffin and Rosie O'donnell inspiring people with the Liberal condition to kill.

It is nice the NRA does not inspire people to kill like the Liberals mentioned do.

How many more Chicago's does America need? *Homicides are now outpacing last year in Chicago after the city experienced its deadliest day so far this year, according to data kept by the Tribune*.

*Seven people were shot to death on Wednesday, five of them killed over two hours, including a woman who was eight months pregnant and had already picked out a name for her baby*.

Does the world need Liberals like Pitts and Hodgkinson armed?

I don't think so.

Skippy (Bob Summers) says...

This is a magical moment.

Is there going to be a special Self-Identity day set aside in America? Maybe set up a federal holiday like MLK day or Independence day in America?

Canada has no sex birth certificates. Maybe American Liberals can have a "coming out gay" certificate?

The possibilities are endless.

Skippy (Bob Summers) says...

Liberals destroy a society and then laugh at a guy trying to fix it.

That Liberal gene really does a number on some peoples emotions. They try to kill people like James T Hodgkinsen tried to do. They assassinate citizens like Obama did. They kill the innocent like Mohamed Noor did. They riot when they can. Look at what they did to Ferguson. How many people around the Clinton's mysteriously died? etc. etc. etc.

Look at what these Liberals post about the current President who is trying to fix what a Liberal destroyed.

Scary people.

Skippy (Bob Summers) says...

Emotionally sensitive Liberals, that seek safe space when upset, analyzing guns.

Thanks for the laugh!

Skippy (Bob Summers) says...

I remember your intensity to hate Bush, but I do not recall the hate for the bowing, "I'll be more flexible", billion dollar payoff in the dead of night to build nukes for Iran, Obama?

Did I miss something in the analysis of your condition?

Skippy (Bob Summers) says...

People under the influence of the Liberal gene, like Mona is, have a natural propensity to, a genetic inclination to hate. They can't help hating another fellow human being. They are also good at creating fantasies about those they hate.

* is sometimes derided by conservatives as a liberal news operation disguised as a fact-checking site.
But this month, Snopes put out a report favorable to President Trump, concluding that, yes, he is the victim of lies in the news and in social media. In a way, the report bolsters Mr. Trump’s Twitter rants against “fake news.”
Snopes writes about a “major strand of falsehood about the president that feeds into his persona as a bumbling fool, prone to accidents and devoid of any cultural sophistication.”
The Snopes report generally shies away from criticizing the established news media — the liberal New York Times-CNN-Washington Post-led anti-Trump reporting that the president castigates the most.
In fact, none of those three is mentioned by Snopes, even though former FBI director James B. Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that “many, many stories” on the Trump-Russia probe are “dead wrong*.”

Skippy (Bob Summers) says...

Return his salary and benefits back to the people that supported him and his family.

Skippy (Bob Summers) says...

That is a catchy acronym.

What's your secret to your creativity NN?

Skippy (Bob Summers) says...

"Why would anyone give Donald " Friend Of russians " Trump and Kriss " Wonder Dupe " Kobach, any voter information that the Russians can easily hack"

You mean like when Clinton's Liberal point man Podesta did?

*Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account was hacked by the same Russian intelligence-linked hackers that breached the DNC and the DCCC, researchers confirmed Thursday, spurring Clinton's team to immediately lash out at Donald Trump over his ongoing reluctance to blame Moscow for the spate of election-related hacks*.

You congenital Liberals can't help but create fantasies can you? Creating fantasies is a proclivity you are born with I guess.

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