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Sam Crow

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SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

There may be a dirty little secret that is not being told about this tax.

Last November, Johnson County voted on a sales tax for $182 million for a new courthouse and coroner facility. It was marketed as a public safety tax.

It came out during the election that the State of Kansas requires any sales tax levied by the county to be shared among cities. The breakdown is 63 percent of sales tax revenue goes to the county, while 37 percent of the sales tax revenue goes to cities. That of course results in a huge cash windfall for the JOCO cities.

It was little known until the tax opponents discovered it and made the county put the disclosure on the county web site.

Though it may be a state law unique to JOCO, I would doubt it.

Will possibly required revenue sharing from the Douglas County tax give Lawrence such a cash windfall ?

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

You sure cared when you made your typically snarky remark about Wilson's post where racist trees were brought up.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

I guess it is similar to the famous statement "it depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is".

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Apparently Alex is unaware that in December the city of Palm Springs CA declared trees planted on a golf course in the 60s were racist. The trees were along a road and the neighborhood had changed to predomintly black over the years.

The 55 year old offending trees were removed, and the city apologized for them being there.

The cost to the taxpayers of removing the racist trees is $169,000.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Whitehead doesn't like the Second Amendment or the Twelfth Amendment.

It seems he only accepts the parts of the Constitution he agrees with.

On Editorial: Time to pass gun control

Posted 16 February 2018, 12:26 p.m. Suggest removal

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

What difference does it make it the owners do or do not live in town?

On Letter to the editor: Tree questions

Posted 15 February 2018, 1:39 p.m. Suggest removal

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

I believe you described trickle down economics.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Dot just makes things up as she goes along, in an ill conceived effort to bolster her beliefs..

But Dot doesn't consider the many thousands of people that sacrificed their lives in the Revolutionary War, which led to the ability to write the United States Constitution, which of course includes the Second Amendment she so despises.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

It is ironic how similar the language is comparing “suitable jail” as noted above in the article, with “suitable provision” as used in the state constitution pertaining to financing education.

Yet Lawrence liberals interpret the word differently in the situations.

In education, “suitable” is a blank check to the education industrial establishment, to spend as it wants to.

When it is regarding the much needed county jail, the liberals see “suitable “ as merely an option, and look for alternatives.

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