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SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Then don't donate..

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

How about you donate your money where you want to, and I will donate my money where I want to ?

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Duane Goossen, you fail to bill yourself in your writings as the budget director for the Sebelius/Parkinson administrations. Obviously, for a reason

Duane Goossen, in your tenure as budget director state tax revenue skyrocketed from $3.9 billion dollars to as high as $5.9 billion. However state spending rose from $3.7 billion to $6.1 billion, a 60% increase. .

Duane Goossen, under your management the accumulated shortfall in budgeting was over $1.7 billion dollars.

Duane Goossen, under your tutelage, the budget was “balanced” by counting temporary revenue such as grants, and spending from the reserve cash fund.

Duane Goossen, with the budget under your care, even the credit rating service Moody’s noted your use of ongoing use of nonrecurring revenue to balance the budget, which is irregular.

Duane Goossen, under your budget guidance, the general reserve fund dropped from $750 million dollars to less than zero.

Duane Goossen, under your budget custody, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Kansas with fraud because you failed to disclose the significant under- funding of KPERS, while selling bonds. During your time as budget director, KPERS became the second most under-funded public pension system in the country.

Duane Goossen, today you are the mouthpiece for the very liberal Kansas Center for Economic Growth, which is an advocacy group for ever increasing taxing and spending, as you exemplified during your time as budget director. Why don’t you note that in what you submit to the papers for publication?

You have no credibility to preach to others about government finances.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Dottie, you have a more active imagination than George Lucas.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Beyer, why not look at Arne Duncan, Obamas Secretary of Education for six years as a prime example? He is an advocate for charter schools. In fact, he ran one in Chicago before becoming CEO of Chicago Public Schools.

In the August 2016 issue of The Atlantic magazine, there was a piece by Duncan lauding charter schools. Actually, it was a reprint of what he wrote as a forward to a book that supported the concept of charter schools.

He wrote, “what stands out for me is that high-performing charter schools have convincingly demonstrated that low-income children can and do achieve at high levels—and can do so at scale.”

Additionally, “Sadly, much of the current debate in Washington, in education schools, and in the blogosphere about high-performing charter schools is driven by ideology, not by facts on the ground. Far too often, the chief beneficiaries of high-performing charter schools—low-income families and children—are forgotten amid controversies over funding and the hiring of nonunion teachers in charter schools. Too often, the parents and children who are desperately seeking better schools are an afterthought.”

From a story on NBC News about Duncan, “While some liberals dislike charter schools, Duncan has been a strong supporter of them and presided over a huge growth in students attending charters in cities like Washington, D.C. and New Orleans.”

Further, “The National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers union and a powerful force in Democratic politics, called for Duncan’s resignation (at the time), arguing he was too supportive of standardized testing.”

The views of DeVos and Duncan are quite similar.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

You dont know how right you are.

One of the suspects is a cousin of one of the victims.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

RBG continues to whine about athletics and guns at KU and how it relates to being an AAU school.

Thirteen of the top 25 athletic departments by revenue in the country are AAU schools. KU ranked 38th has $90 million in revenue, versus Texas AM at $194 million. University of Texas is another $188 million. There is no correlation there. RBG just doesn’t like sports.

Half of the 60 AAU schools in the country are private, including Duke, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, USC, and Northwestern. All have tuition in the neighborhood of $50,000 per year. Maybe RBG thinks KU should double its tuition.

One of his complaints in a recent article was about guns. In fact, in the picture accompanying the article about his AAUP meeting, guns was the number one issue on the slide. Teachers will leave because of it, we are told. However, just in this area, Colorado, Texas and Texas AM all have campus carry. All three AAU schools.

Regarding his coveted AAUP chapter at KU, it is hardly exclusive, as one is led to believe. There are hundreds of chapters across the country, including junior colleges. There are nine chapters in Kansas, including Bethel College. AAUP is nothing more than a labor union, similar to the teamsters. Remember, AAUP censured Mizzou for firing Melissa Click.

It can be noted that the engineering department at AAU listed KU is ranked 94th in the country. There are many schools such as Georgia Institute of Technology, Virginia Tech, University of Delaware, University of Arizona, all non AAU schools, are ranked above KU.

Ron if you don’t like it here, there are plenty of places for you to go.

On Letter to the editor: Better pay needed

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SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

They should change the mascot. Maybe they could sell more school t-shirts and other school gear.

What self respecting mom in her 30s wants to walk around with a shirt that says "Cougar" on the front of it, or better yet, a bumper sticker that says the same.

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