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SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

This isnt a large metropolitan area.

It is a mere 7 miles from the proposed location to 23rd and Haskell.

Get over it.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Of course non profits have excess revenue over expenses. But those dollars are kept inside the organization for things such as reserves or increased operating expenses. They are nonprofit legally because those excess dollars are not distributed to shareholders. You arguing with the law makes you look ridiculous.

The non profit LMH is run by a volunteer board that is appointed by the obviously elected City Commission. The board meets regularly at the hospital and is open to the public. In fact, yesterday, the 16th, the board had their regularly scheduled meeting. They could have answered your questions first-hand about the cash flow to the new facility. Or, since Mike Amyx is a board member, I am sure if you went to his barbershop, he would be more than happy to personally discuss it with you.

But, instead, literally at the time they were meeting, you were posting yet another snide comment about what you allege to be conflicts of interest on the jail issue. You certainly could have attended the meeting it you really cared. But, you don’t want factual information, you just want to constantly complain.

Quit embarrassing yourself with the platitudes you post, that you can’t back up.

res ipsa loquitur

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

See my data based statement below.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Just more tired and worn out platitudes easily anticipated from a Lawrence liberal.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Written like the true socialist you are.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Kansas is not unique in privatizing its medicaid program.

According to the Kaiser Health Foundation, 38 states have contracted their medicaid programs to private organizations. That amounts to approximately 70% of those enrolled in Medicaid nationwide.

While Kansas has three companies it contracts with, California enrolls its over 11 million participants among 23 companies. New York puts its 4.5 million in 22 plans. Kansas is right in line with its neighboring states Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado.

The problem with Kansas was its archaic contracting process that resulted in programs dissimilar to other states.

Because of their expertise, the private companies can administer the programs more efficiently than a bunch of government employees.

For you know nothings that complain about profit, many organizations that states contract with are not for profit. That includes the dominant provider in California, which is Kaiser.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Why is it so many of you people see everything as a zero sum game.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

What a bitter and resentful old lady.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Dottie, no one has defined "suitable" in an objective way.

Take the feelings and opinions out of the subjective analysis and there are true numbers to work with.

Blue Valley has a different definition than does Haven 312.

SamCrow (Sam Crow) says...

Now, define "suitable" for 286 school districts that are very demographically diverse.

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