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SalBando (Anonymous) says...

@ Crow,

Liberals like to profoundly state the obvious, but, do not have a clue how to achieve it.
Other than to blame others for their failings and demand more of their money to cover their ineptitude to achieve the obvious, they are just squeaky wheels.

SalBando (Anonymous) says...

Ignatius, like other Liberals, cannot accept the fact that Trump is President.

So it must be he is president because of lies.

Why don't you create another fantastical dossier out of thin air Ignatius, like your fellow Liberals have.

Maybe that will work.

SalBando (Anonymous) says...

Exactly. The issue is the people the money is being given to.

SalBando (Anonymous) says...

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SalBando (Anonymous) says...

I can pay up to $1000 a month for internet access. But that is it.

SalBando (Anonymous) says...

Why aren't Liberals protecting women by eliminating the sexual predator in the fetal stage?

SalBando (Anonymous) says...

Why is this surprising?

These types of people are intellectually above us menials.

We do not have the profound capacity to comprehend their complex reasoning.

SalBando (Anonymous) says...

I see facts are offensive.

SalBando (Anonymous) says...

Long gone are the few Rhodes scholar's that littered the NFL.

NFL is now filled with brain dead gladiators performing in Ludi for et brueram de dominarum,

Does it really matter what Ludum venatorium do during the colors?

Leave them in oubliette til the games begin.

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