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RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

It's too bad that "raw" water is so expensive, because I'm sure it's great for use in aquariums.

RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

Surely intoxicating liquors were used only for medicinal purposes.

RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

This case sends a firm message to potential criminals: <br>
Do not smoke tea leaves!

RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

Personal arguments should be taken somewhere else!

On Letter to the editor: Guns among us

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RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

Maybe incompetence.

RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

Being the first to occupy a piece of real estate does not give you any ownership rights to the surrounding properties that you do not own.

There are only a few exceptions to that. For instance, a liquor store cannot be opened within 500 feet of a church. There may be other exceptions, but I'm sure day care centers are not one of them.

RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

“Everything has a price. The price, however, isn't always money.” <br>
- Ahmed Mostafa

On Editorial: Farmland deal still going sour

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RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

It's all right. The state will issue an advisory for all of the fish to swim upstream from Lawrence.

RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

I do not mean to say that I have no sympathy for mentally ill people. You mentioned that we should talk about it. OK, I can do that.

I was in the Behavioral Health clinic at the VA in Topeka only a couple days ago. Never crossed my mind that there was anything wrong with using that term, after all, it's what people see that they think of as behavior. They can't read your mind.

It was stressful for me because I'm starting with a new psychiatrist, after being with the one before for over ten years. How many psychiatrists have I seen? I don't know, but a lot.

I'm bipolar, and I also have ADD. A couple friends sure noticed that when they tried to watch a movie with me a while ago. I can watch a movie for about an hour, then my mind wanders and I can't focus on it anymore. (You know who you are!)

My symptoms are rather well controlled with a tailored mix of medications, which I take regularly, and so I can live an almost normal life. Or I like to think so, anyway.

And, I've been in the psych ward five times, and I hope that won't happen anymore, but there are no guarantees in life.

But, at no time was I ever a danger to others.

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RonHolzwarth (Ron Holzwarth) says...

Good luck trying to get the Veteran's Administration to change from the usage of the term "Behavioral Health" at 153 VA hospitals, 773 outpatient centers, and 260 Vet Centers all over the United States. By general usage, it's too late to change that terminology.

But, at the VA, it includes not only mental health. <br>
From: <br>
(I just grabbed Pittsburg, there are many other VA websites)

Behavioral health services at VA hospitals include:

In-patient Psychiatric Unit<br>
Homeless Veterans Services<br>
Treatment for Addictive Disorders, including residential rehabilitation treatment programs<br>

Treatment addresses the following:

depression, sadness, grief<br>
anxiety, worry, nervousness<br>
addictive behaviors<br>
relationship problems<br>
stress from medical problems and/or pain<br>
post-traumatic stress disorder and combat related stress disorder<br>
emotional problems, such as managing anger<br>
vocational issues<br>
troublesome thoughts or ideas<br>
confused thinking<br>
aggressive or self-harming behaviors<br>
memory problems<br>

On Letter to the editor: Use the right word

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