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Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

Single-payer health insurance might be better but the real issue is that it shouldn't be insurance at all. Insurance is meant for emergencies, not day-to-day use, so for every dollar someone pays, the insurance company may have to pay 5-10 (or higher) to whatever facility or Doctor you see.

We need to get away from insurance-based care and make it a basic healthcare'right'... anyone should be able to go to any Doctor for about any reason and not have to worry about paying for the service. Insurance could still be sold for those extreme events (such as cancer treatment, transplants, etc. (or could be rolled into a pay-as-you-go type plan).

Insurance was never meant to be used daily... look at house insurance and car insurance. You would only use them if something happened, right?

'Obamacare' as it was called was not perfect but it was able to help a lot of people who didn't have access to affordable insurance elsewhere. (as long as they folowed the instructions AND paid their bills on time).

It was a step in the right direction but it was still insurance-based, and that's why costs kept rising.

It ws in the news a few times that the insurance companies weren't making 'as much' profit on Obamacare-based plans and that's why they either pulled out or increased their rates. That tells you right there that the insurance companies were the main culprits as they were still making profit.

Something needs to be put in play for the common person, but the insurance companies and their lobbyists won't let that happen... too much money could be lost.

Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

As I was driving home from Olathe yesterday it dawned on me...

Do any of you really know why we even need 'speed calming' device and / or Police to write tickets???

Because people insist on breaking laws! This is the nitty-gritty of it:

If people didn't think laws don't apply to them and started actually following ALL laws, we wouldn't need any of this.

(I'm done and out of here... too many people try to make this political and/or personal)

Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

I guess what people seem to be missing is that speed limits are there for a reason... to be obeyed. If you are speeding then you deserve a ticket, whether you think you 'deserve' one or not.

It's not your decision as to whether or not you should be ticketed... it's the law that you broke.

Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

Funny, I drive Tennessee and Kentucky every day and have hardly ever seen a Police Officer, much less one who has stopped someone. Those two streets are runways...

Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

I have to agree... speeding is an issue in Lawrence. You can drive down almost any street and if you are driving the posted speed limit, you will have a lot of people passing you.

Also, K-10 from Lawrence to Olathe is a speed zone... anyone going less that 70 (the speed limit) will be run over.

Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

I applaud the students here and the Building Trades classes at Highland Community College for the work that they do, but $479,000? How many people can afford that much for a house? Are they making sure that only the 'well off' people live here in Lawrence?

A good project would be to work on truly affordable housing complexes where the houses can be sold for, say $100,00 to $150,000 so that more 'normal' people can afford them.

Again, it seems like Lawrence only cares about the rich or the students...

Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

Hi Travis...

May I guess that you have not worked in East Hills before? There are only 2 bus routes that go through there (5 and 15). I don't think this is very likely to change if Venture Park gets more businesses.

5 goes from East Hills to 31st and Iowa, and 15 goes down to Peasley Center and then up to downtown.

Neither one of them is very convenient if you don't live on 'the route'.

I live in north-central Lawrence... first off I had to wait about a half-hour for the bus to come (due to the schedule). Then, it took me about another 45 minutes to get home... so, a total of about 75 to 90 minutes for a drive that only takes 15-20 minutes.

Also, when Haskell was having it's major overhaul last year and E1500 Rd was also getting redone at N1625 Rd, we had to drive all the way down to 23rd as it was, which made our normally 15-20 minute drive to about a half-hour (and maybe longer due to traffic).

I contacted the city about having 19th St opened at that time to alleviate the congestion but was told it wasn't in the budget.

How is this 'convenient' transportation?

I feel that 19th should be opened to help people who work in East Hills as well as the people who 'supposedly' will be working in Venture Park get to work easier.

Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

Actually, it was probably $100 for the procedure and $2,900 for all of the supplies, medicines, and insurance :(

Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

Greetings... my comments about parts of this article:

"For much of 2016, the city’s largest hotel — the former Holiday Inn that is now a DoubleTree — was under renovation. That renovation significantly reduced the number of rooms that were available in the community,"

"— 2015: $42.5 million, up 10 percent

— 2016: $42.6 million, up 2 percent"

Okay, so someone is saying that, because 1 hotel wasn't open much of 2016, we lost 8% growth? Seems like an awful lot of percent for so small a hotel...
- - - - -

"However, the latest proposal for a conference center in downtown — developers are seeking support to build on the site of the former Journal-World printing plant at the north end of downtown — is about half that size. "

The worst location ever considering 1: there won't be enough parking for something that big no matter how it's laid out and 2: the traffic increase in that area will effectively shut down the north end of downtown when there are any events. It's bad enough sometimes just trying to get through there on a normal day.
- - - - -

"Davidson estimates that Airbnb properties increase the availability of rooms for rent in Lawrence by 80 to 90 rooms on any given day. "

Right, and we all know that Lawrence needs more rentals for 'transients' and 'students' :(
- - - - -

When will the leaders and 'unofficial leaders' of this town wake up and realize that everrything they do affects not only 'us' but 'them' also???

Money isn't everything... granted we all need money to live but getting rich off of bad ideas is not nice.

Rapier216 (Franz Bruyere) says...

To me, this is just like Venture Park... it is only zoned for industrial but what about allowing housing to the east of Lawrence? We really don't have any that are more convenient for people who work in Kansas City, etc. to live in.

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