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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

They'll get around to including FGM in their protest? They left that out of the last Women's March.

RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

Back when a former president was being serviced by an intern in the oval office, we were told to "move on." It was a personal matter and, besides, everybody does it. Based on the news of the last six weeks, it would appear everybody does do it.

Still, whether it be on the left or the right, I do experience waves of schadenfreude when some sanctimonious, finger-wagger gets knocked of the soap box.

RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

Dorothy: Did you notice in your accurate quote that Trump didn't say he did it -- he said to Billy Bush that he could do it. But since you want to get political, let's remember that at the time, Roy Moore was a Democrat.

I thought the NPR executive was number one on my allegations list. But Charlie Rose??? That's priceless!

On Opinion: If he wins, he should be expelled

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

I think it would be helpful if everyone took the time to read Federalist 46. Warning: it's more than 140 characters.

On Letter to the editor: Guns among us

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

The cartoon was a continuation of the mocking statements from some commentators regarding the fact that the victims were praying in church when the shooting happened.

As for Mr. Hicks, you might want to check how many stories CNN has had to retract in the last two years. Here's one reported by the NY Times:

On Letter to the editor: Insensitive image

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

Know what all of those shooters had in common? Not one of them was a member of the NRA. Many of them had known mental health issues or criminal records that were not reported to the federal system.

When Sen. Diane Feinstein was asked if any gun control law could have stopped the Las Vegas shooter, she said no law would have stopped him.

Finally Mary, you might want to check the FBI statistics showing how many crimes were prevented by private citizens with guns.

On Letter to the editor: Too soon to talk?

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

Since some you couldn't resist equating the alleged conduct with Republicans, can we talk about the fact that all of the names cascading out of the Weinstein situation are all liberal democrats -- including my favorite: an NPR executive?

I love the fact that when it suits your politics, you're willing to throw the presumption of innocence out the window. And "innocent until proven guilty" means in a court of law -- not the court of public opinion.

RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

I think Roy Moore is an ass. However, there are some troubling things about these allegations.

The information surfaces after 38 years shortly before a special election.
The alleged victims didn't come forward -- they were found by Washington Post reporters looking for a story.
The reporters managed to find a person who was 14 years old at the time in a state that has no statute of limitations when the victim is under 16 years of age.
It has been reported and verified that one of the older accusers worked for the Clinton campaign as an ASL interpreter.

The problem is it's all too easy. For instance, consider this hypothetical: A regular contributor to this space -- a retired teacher -- decides to run for office. The opposition produces a former male student who claims that the candidate molested him 30 years ago. it never happened. But how does the former teacher prove it never happened?

So you see, it's all well and good until it happens to you and you are put in the impossible position of having to prove a negative.

Since there is no statute of limitations in this case, Moore should demand to be charged in a court of law. Then the accusers would be exposed to cross examination. This didn't happen on a college campus. The "Dear Colleague" letter doesn't apply.

RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

David Lee: Trump said many women would let a famous man do that. He didn't say he did that. By the way, have you noticed that the vast majority of people who have been outed in the aftermath of the Weinstein revelations are liberal democrats --- including an NPR executive? Priceless.

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