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Richard Aronoff

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

Some of you need to read this slowly without moving your lips.

Rod Rosenstein's official statement on the indictments said no american was involved in the Russian activities, that no american benefited from those activities and that the Russian's activities had no effect on the presidential election.

So Dorothy, exactly what part of no americans and no effect do you not understand.

RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

In the first two years of President Obama's tenure, he had filibuster-proof majorities in both the House and the Senate and yet gun control never happened.

The Virginia Tech shooter who killed 32 people used handguns.

I enjoy reading posts from people like Fred Whitehead Jr., whose historical perspective doesn't extend beyond last Tuesday.

If Fred bothered to read Federalist 46, he would see that the 2nd amendment had nothing to do with hunting or the lack of a standing national army. It had everything to do with the people of the individual states being able to stand up to an all powerful central government. The founders had not forgotten about King George.

Fred Whitehead has compared the president to Adolph Hitler. Indeed, during the campaign he was incapable of commenting on any article without mentioning Trump and Hitler in the same sentence.

Here's the contradiction, if Fred really believed Trump was a potential dictator and the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, he should be armed to the teeth!

When Diane Feinstein was asked if any gun control law could have stopped the Las Vegas shooting, her answer was no. But every one of the mass shootings in recent memory was carried out by someone with known mental health problems.

Finally, the Republicans did NOT vote against a law that would have denied people with mental problems the right to own a firearm. They voted against a bill that would have denied someone who could not handle their financial matters from owning a firearm. How many of you would like to be denied any of your constitutional rights because you had one or two maxed-out credit cards?

On Editorial: Time to pass gun control

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

So..,,,everyone outside of the State of Minnesota was deluded? Keep stroking yourself like that, Mr. Hicks, and you'll go blind.

As for Greenspan, I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who said something like if you lined up all the economists in the world they would all point in different directions. And after Bush said, "Read my new taxes.." he raised taxes. That gave us a recession and Bill Clinton.

On Letter to the editor: White’s prediction

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

After thirty years he should be allowed to stay. But allowing him to totally skate on this is exactly the wrong message to send.

He should be handed a green card along with a bill for an appropriate fine. Then he can study for the citizenship test and apply for citizenship. By the way, many people born and raised in this country can't pass that test. You can find it on the Internet.

RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

The writer seems to forget that the term voodoo economics was coined by George H.W. Bush when he was running against Ronald Reagan for the presidential nomination. President Reagan's tax cuts caused a major expansion in the US economy.

Here is where Dorothy Hoyt-Reed would normally jump in to say that during the year immediately after the signing of that tax cut there was a recession.

That's true. The recession was caused by the fact that the law delayed the cut for one year after the signing. Businesses sat on the sidelines for twelve months waiting for the law to take effect. Once it did, the economy went straight up and when Reagan ran for a second term he won 49 out of 50 states.

On Letter to the editor: White’s prediction

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

WAIT!!!!! What the Associated Press left out of this report are the following facts:

1) Several students predicted that this kid would shoot up the school.
2) A teacher sent out an email to the faculty saying that Cruz should not be all0wed on campus with a backpack due to the fact that he had brought bullets to the school in a backpack.
3) He had been expelled from school for still undisclosed reasons.

But perhaps the worst thing is this:

It seems to me, given the history, Cruz's comments and postings on YouTube and Instagram should have merited a visit from law enforcement with a search warrant for his residence. His YouTube comment alone should have been enough probable cause to obtain a warrant.

RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

So a gay pride parade featuring half-naked LBGTQ people is OK but a military parade on July 4th or Veterans' Day is taboo?

Back when God was in knickers, I marched with my high school band in the Memorial Day Parade. Do those parades still exist?

On Letter to the editor: Advice for Trump

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RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

How many of you missed the line in this article that says the president is "inclined" to release the memo after the DOJ recommends revisions.

And how many of you missed all of the news reports that the Democrats would intentionally put sensitive material into the memo that would require it not being released?

RSA (Richard Aronoff) says...

Randi Hacker knows as much about the separation of powers as a pig knows about Sunday.

Regarding the first use act, it is exactly the wrong thing to do. You do not announce to a potential adversary what you WON'T do.

And if the Dear Leader was stupid enough to launch a missile toward the United States, I don't think a president could get a declaration of war from Congress in fifteen minutes.

On Letter to the editor: Trump is dangerous

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