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PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

The JW didn't include all the information provided at the meeting last night.

Sidewalk repairs by owner occupants will have four years to pay for the repair if the city does it on their taxes. There will also be assistance for low income owners and they will also split the cost if the owner lives on a corner lot with sidewalks on the front and side of their property.

It sounds like the city already takes responsibility for fixing damage done by city trees.

Mr Boley accurately noted that most rental property owners have a repair funds (at least if they operate like a business) and choose not to use them to repair sidewalks. Given the fact they can write off these repairs off on their taxes there is no reason why enforcement doesn't begin immediately on investment rental properties regardless of the zone they fall into.

The fact is the sidewalks in this town are horrible because of years of neglect and this program sounds like a good start to take care of the problem.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Chuck it's great to live in a united 'Merica where greed has everybody living in fear.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Bob Smith 53 minutes ago
"Kansas Democrats are busy polishing the brass handrails while their ship is sinking. "

No Bob, actually the entire country is sinking because of the neoliberal policies of both parties.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

The city also needs to consider the types of trees they use along the roads which are causing most of the damage to the sidewalks which makes it a joint issue for the property owner and the city.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

At the very least the absentee property owners, especially the ones that can afford to hire "property management" companies should be made to comply immediately. This is a no brainer, just like hiring traffic control police and funding them with the ticket money they would make if we actually started enforcing the laws including ticketing and towing all the cars that routinely park over sidewalks in this town.

There are so many simple solutions to make Lawrence walkable that aren't addressed and fancy paths on the outskirts of town that go nowhere are funded instead.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Ah the good ol Junction City fraud played by our illustrious Lawrence developers and too many got off Scott free.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Thousands of gallons would be amazing.

Did the grease happen to have the any curly fries in it?

Perhaps a few years old?

This also doesn't make sense given the street value of restaurant grease nowadays.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...


This bum can still get decent health insurance and has a government pension to fall back on unlike those he calls moochers who are just trying to get by in desperate times or like the woman killed in Olathe by the police who obviously needed mental health care, no longer responsibly provided government, as the koch headed boomer opportunists reap their rewards. Certainly not the values of Christian that he claims to be.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Really? They are surprised this happened? I only have a psychology degree out of a Crackjack box and this vandalism seemed to me a certain eventuality and surprised it took this long.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

A true government moocher.

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