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PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Bev you read what I wrote rather personally, maybe your subconscious is telling you something because I didn't blame all drivers or you personally.

Enforcing the laws currently on the books is the only thing that is going to fix this problem. We can spend more and put in proper bike lanes but the good progressives of Lawrence don't even want to fix their sidewalks at their expensive even though it is the law.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

And when will they start writing tickets for texting while driving since they can kill innocent people?

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Had he hit a pedestrian or bicyclist we would never hear the outcome of the case, maybe it wouldn't have amounted to anything, because of course, bicyclist and pedestrians are always at fault.

JW its been over a year since the guy who was actually killed at 9th and Illinois occurred. What was the outcome of that case? What about the pedestrians crossing the street legally in the crosswalk a few years ago? Is it only a newsworthy story when motorist are hurt?

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Neither is the pathetic excuse for a bike lane. And as usual the good consuming Lawrence people automatically search for excuses to blame the bicyclist that as of yet there is no news to riding on the sidewalk as the problem. But by God, if it is, let's make sure to mow them down in Lawrence.

Good ol Lawrence, building swimming pools in the past for their kind and running down or threatening to run down pedestrians and cyclist. We can be sure if it was the cyclist fault they will issue him a ticket in bed like they did the pedestrian who was run down on 6th street years ago.

Will the JW disclose if anyone was charged in the accident that killed the KU employee at 9th and Illinois?

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Thanks Bev for making my point, why don't you just say what most people in Lawrence believe-cycling should be against the law.

If you are familiar with Lawrence you should know that east bound traffic at that location (even if one isn't wearing a helmet) has the right away and northbound traffic has a stop sign. But if there is a pedestrian or bicyclist it is ok to proceed either way here in Lawrence and that of course includes stopping in crosswalks and parking on sidewalks.

I'm tired of crocodile tears for motorist who have to face the horror of their actions when they don't get away with it. There are plenty of horror stories by pedestrians and bicyclist but they aren't newsworthy and when they are hit it is assumed they did something wrong.

Do me a favor and do a little count of how many bad drivers vs bicyclist there are. And which is the greater threat? In this town driving at highway speeds down 6th is considered normal and way over the speed limit on 9th is ok as well because the consumers need to go consume. I would count that in your survey of bad driving but doubt most of Lawrence would.

Just keep scaring pedestrians and bicyclist off the streets so they can't hinder your progress to the go consuming. Shoot build so called bike paths to lure cyclist into a false sense of security so we can take out more of them.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

My God it amazes me how delusional the carcentric consumers of Lawrence are. There is hardly any alternative means of transportation used in this town because it is so dangerous because the majority of motorist have no concern to drive defensively and aware. Even the situation last weekend could have been avoided if motorists actually thought about the possibilities and most likely driving the highway speeds so many do down 6th street. I guess that is out now and will help the tech billionaires force self driving cars on the masses who refuse to drive responsibly.

As noted above why don't you start using that worthless bike lane on 9th street that disappears in both directions before one gets anywhere on it! Also note how many people drive their cars in it routinely. Start using it and let me know if you think it is a better option than just using the sidewalk.

Like most things in Lawrence it is only the feel good tokens that are done half assed and are more dangerous than just leaving things the way they were. The only good thing about 9th is at least they made it one lane which has helped slow some of the traffic.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Kobach should feel right at home with the Jeep and machine gun given his extensive military service fighting for our freedums. Oh wait, that's right, he is just another rich boy who went to Ivy League schools and plays patriot for political gain.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

What a shame, another Lawrence motorist inconvenienced by a bicyclist.

The usual the JW take to protect the motoring public and since right now missing any glaring evidence to use to blame the cyclist words the story oddly, as though not wearing a helmet contributed to the accident. And if he was riding on the sidewalk verses the street like that matters. Perhaps some of our journalist and city commission should ride their bike down that joke of a bike lane on 9th and see how many times they would do it again, especially if they have a rear view mirror and see how many people come up behind them drifting in the joke of a bike lane. Maybe instead of the police worrying about people putting themselves in danger by not wearing their seatbelts they start ticketing all the people playing with their phone while racing down the streets (easily done just standing on the side of the street) who are a threat to everybody else.

And will the JW ever follow up on stories where the motorist may have actually been at fault? There was a guy auto-murdered in that same brightly lit street a year or so ago and has there been a story saying how that case turned out or maybe charges were never filed since it appears to be legal to mow down pedestrians and bicyclist in this town.

Lawrence's PR about being bike friendly (just be sure you ride on the trail to nowhere around the town) is a joke.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Perhaps this story is 5 to 6 years too late?

It's interesting there is a sudden interest in doing investigative reporting at the JW when the good ol boys in town want the AD canned because of all their crappy projects around the football stadium need to bear fruit before the tax dodges expire. Zenger served them well, just like ol Farmer, and now expendable.

Who knows what the city got itself into with the Fritzel deal since they haven't figure out how to bill for other projects. The reporting will likely only come when the ol boys want somebody out at city hall.

PaulJones (Anonymous) says...

Joe Zenger gets to sit on his duff making for more than the previous chancellor. Where's the outrage?

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