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NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

IIRC, my tuition 20 years ago (adjusted for inflation) was nearly $4000 less than that.

NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

It's a state university, not a business. Tuition is mainly increasing because of state funding cuts.

NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

It's guaranteed that an anonymous voluntary survey isn't going to provide good data. At best, it's pointless since results are skewed.. At worst, those with a particular agenda have an outlet to express their rage.

NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

Needs more context. The average for the last 4 years is 294, meaning 2013 is an outlier based on info given in the article.

NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

Could the LJW do some investigating to find out the last time a custodian or food service worker was given a gratitude bonus for ~8 years of employment?

NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

Wow. What are they thinking?

The city's survey of Lawrence residents in 2015 listed congestion as their #2 priority

KDOT labelled 21st from Naismith to Mass a major collector street in 2013, along with the entire length of Lawrence Ave from Bob Billings to Princeton

21st is one of 2 streets that extend from Mass to Iowa between 9th and 23rd, and 19th street is one lane in a city with a population that's increased by nearly 50% in the last 25 years

I suspect this was initiated by resident complaints. If that's accurate, they're public roads, not private drives. I'd be fine with traffic calming devices to dissuade speeders but these streets are needed to relieve pressure on major arteries.

NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

"first queer Latina Marvel superhero"

That's quite specific.

NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

-Pitts seems to be saying whites are born with the original sin of racism, which is bizarre so maybe I'm misinterpreting. Perhaps the point being made is that you're born with privileges you don't deserve based on skin color, and if you don't do work to help those who have been historically oppressed, you're perpetuating that history of racism by default. I don't find the argument entirely convincing but RIchard Reeves from the Brookings Institute makes a somewhat similar argument, writing about the opportunity hoarding of the upper middle class which reinforces the systemic racism of the past. That type of original sin makes sense to me, but it also implies that there's plenty upper middle class minorities can do since the hoarding of opportunities is based on class, not race.

-Public and private institutions are clamoring to implement implicit bias training when the science hasn't established a good way of measuring it, and the tests that purport to measure it aren't consistent and don't predict how people act out their biases. We're putting a lot of energy and money into this basket to fight racism when there's no good evidence to suggest it's effective.

-If racism is prejudice encoded into law, as Pitts asserts, it doesn't follow that minorities don't have access to change that in a democratic system, particularly with the demographic changes taking place in the country. He seems to have the same disempowering, fatalistic narrative as Ta-Nehisi Coates.

On Opinion: Racism is more than prejudice

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NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

All you need is a mix of push, pull, hinge, squat, carry, and lunge exercises for strength training + a little cardio. It isn't that complicated.

On Strength train to age well

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NathanAnderson (Nathan Anderson) says...

As someone who has no desire to own a gun and is generally in favor of stricter gun laws, I don't understand the fascination with the AR-15. The major problem is handguns. They're easily concealable, powerful ranged weapons that require minimal skill to operate.

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