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MrsHeins (Anonymous) says...

I am a master 4th-grade teacher with over ten years of experience. Here is what I can tell you. Before the Common Core, we had few to zero textbook companies who wrote books based on Kansas Standards. Teachers pulled together mish-mashed things to make sure the KS standards were covered. Textbook companies only make books that work for their highest market. Typically, Califonia and Texas. KS standards did not match them. Now, we are able to get curriculum that covers what we are required to teach. So students in California, Arkansas, Michigan, etc... are all working at on the same playing field. To be honest, I do not like some of the choices the Common Core Standards have made. I believe they need to be evaluated by many people and fixed. However, I do like all the students in the USA working toward the same goals. Improvements do need to be made. Undoubtabley. But getting us on the same page is the right thing to do. Focus on improving instead of hating. Just my two cents.

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