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MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

He should be ticketed. He should also be responsible for damage to the truck and any therapy sessions the truck driver may need after having to witness that. What an idiot.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

“You can’t understate the importance of this designation to the future of the barn,”

I think he means the importance can’t be overstated... or he thinks this designation is no big deal whatsoever.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

Supply and demand is important, but it is also an incredibly short-sighted and simplistic view to take when dealing with an area like a downtown market place. In order for a market to succeed you need diversification. If a variety of businesses are unable to thrive, then eventually the demand for the storefronts will drop to a point that no one will make any money - not the shop owners nor the landlords. What you will end up with is a line of corporate stores and empty buildings, leaving you with a downtown that possess no uniqueness to attract customers any more than your average strip mall. At that point the death spiral will be in full effect and there will be little hope of pulling out of it.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

“Free State produces some of the best beer on the planet.”

Are you kidding me? I mean I’m all for hometown pride and all but that’s ridiculous. Have you been to Fort Collins or St. Louis where true craft beer communities thrive? Competition in those towns has bred collaboration, inspiration, innovation, and led to some truly world class beers. To just blindly call Free State world class is to speak from defensiveness, not experience, and to use their so-called greatness as a means to discourage the idea of more breweries is foolish.

Free State does make some decent beers, and sometimes some great ones, but automatically jumping to defensive hyperbole doesn’t do anyone any favors. They should be welcoming competition with open arms as to avoid stagnation - think the Beatles and The Beach Boys, neither would have been as great as they were without the other there to spur them on.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

I’ve greatly enjoyed your articles to date. I’m hoping you do one on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring as a means of judging how much training should be done on a given day. I’ve been using the Elite HRV app with a Wahoo Ticker HRM every morning for over a month now and I feel the results correlate well with how my body feels while training. I’d love to read your thoughts on the usefulness and effectiveness of HRV monitoring for those who engage in regular athletic activities.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

The Wysong touch is apparently the exact opposite of the Midas touch.

Seriously, though - who opens a restaurant like Harold’s chicken without the capital to keep it running for at least a year? Especially someone with experience in restaurants already. The first year is the hardest for any restaurant, and you likely won’t make a profit for the first two years... yet they didn’t seem to have a plan beyond “paint something cool on the window and they will come.” Jackpot has become a joke compared to its former glory. In•grē•di•ent was never great, and after they started posting ads in their windows about coupons it was clear they were in the Wysong death spiral as well.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

Some highlights:

“In 1997 the city of San Francisco enacted a law requiring all companies doing business with the city government to extend domestic benefits to same-sex partners of employees. In refusing to do so, the Salvation Army declined a US$3.5 million contract.”

“The Salvation Army Western Territory approved a plan in October 2001 to start offering domestic partnership benefits to employees in same-sex relationships. Members of various evangelical Christian interest groups protested the decision... In November 2001 the Salvation Army nationwide rescinded the Western Territory's decision with an announcement that it would only provide benefits coverage for different-sex spouses and dependent children of its employees.“

“In 2004, the Salvation Army said that it would close operations in New York City unless it was exempted from a municipal ordinance requiring them to offer benefits to gay employees' partners.”

“Before the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Act 1986 by the New Zealand Parliament, the Salvation Army was active throughout New Zealand gathering signatures for a petition seeking to prevent the bill's passing.”

“In November 2013 it was made known that the Salvation Army was referring LGBT individuals to one of several conversion therapy groups.”

“A positional statement on the Salvation Army UK and Ireland site stated (but has since been taken down): The Salvation Army teaches that sexual acts should take place only in a monogamous heterosexual marriage, believing that this reflects God's intentions for sexual behaviour and provides the best environment for raising children.”

Not to mention sex abuse scandals, not accepting Harry Potter toys for impoverished children because they went against the SA’s views, proselytizing during government-funded social service, and more.

You can claim they help others and as such all this should be ignored or forgiven, but I think I’d rather donate to Just Food or a local shelter when I want to help those in my community. To each their own.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

You need to check your resources. I’m sure the PR friendly page you used told you otherwise, but everything I mentioned was true. Though Wikipedia isn’t a foolproof source, in this case I recommend you go to their page and check the controversies, then click on the references provided. They are all from reputable resources and all tell tales that will expand on what I shared above.

Trying to minimize their documented history of discrimination to a single anecdotal tale is misinformed at best on your part and intentionally disingenuous at worst.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

Sorry, I meant to write soup kitchens used by thousands but got it jumbled and autocorrected to death. I’d fix it above but I’m not being allowed to edit it right now.

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