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MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

I’ve seen several dogs running off leash at the cemetery while jogging. Fortunately most have been friendly though one did snap at me once. It is annoying, but I would say if you are looking for disrespect in the cemetery all you have to do is go to the little cul-de-sac next to the mausoleum. On any given morning you’ll find blunt wrappers, beer cans, emptied ashtray contents, and the like.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

"Not that I’m not curious, but being pretty busy covering things like murder and rape cases I haven’t dug into any of the other harming-plants arrests to see what they were about."

Well with an attitude like that you'll never get to the root of the problem. It's probably for the best if you leaf the whole thing alone - the way it sounds, you would likely go barking up the wrong tree. Bee-sides, any one who would purposely harm a plant would have to be a bloomin' idiot. That said, it's great to see you flowering as a reporter.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

My own personal silver lining - I made over $1,000 during the week of the Junior Olympics by renting out my house on AirBNB. My family and I took a vacation that essentially paid for itself. I know a lot of people used AirBNB as well over that time... I would love to know approximately how many additional guests were able to stay in Lawrence during the Olympics thanks to AirBNB hosts.

This serves as another example of why the hotels, the city, and AirBNB hosts need to work together, so that we can support large events as best as we possibly can. A city the size of Lawrence can't expect to support major-city sized events with a small college town hotel base.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

Seriously? There are MANY limitations placed upon constitutional rights. To pretend that there aren't is being willfully ignorant.

You have a right to own a gun, not a "right" to own an unlicensed, unregulated one. There are already laws regarding who can own guns - age limits, criminal backgrounds, etc,

There are laws that prohibit free speech in the name of safety - you can't yell fire in a theatre, many demonstrators are placed in free-speech "zones" when protesting peacefully.

Newspapers cannot print libel even though the first amendment grants them freedom of the press.

So please, don't pretend that something in the constitution can't be regulated or modified. There is simply no logic to claim that one sentence written 200 years ago grants you immunity from common sense regulations for eternity.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

If you want to own a vehicle, you have to be licensed, which includes both a written and real-life examination of your knowledge and skills. Your vehicle must be registered and licensed. You have to have insurance to cover any damages or injuries your vehicle may be involved in. These are common sense regulations meant to ensure the safety of the general, law-abiding public that exist throughout our land.

And even though there are already millions of cars on the street, and some people drive without licenses, without registration, without insurance, and even steal cars, it is generally agreed that the laws are good, sensible laws and that those who are caught violating the laws are punished accordingly.

So why not the same for guns? If it is not obtrusive for legal vehicle operators, why would it be for legal gun owners? Why shouldn’t a written and real life test be given? Instead we allow anyone of age to carry a gun. Yet we wouldn’t dream of making it legal to let anyone of age drive without a license or registration.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

This just in... the LJW has officially changed its name to “The Maple Leaf Rag”.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

Are you kidding? There’s no time to report real news! The Maple Leaf Festival is here! the maple leaf festival is here! the maple leaf festival is here!

Don’t you understand? An event like that requires at least ten separate articles! You and your devastated neighborhood will have to wait. In the meantime, have you considered going to the maple leaf festival?

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

If someone in the UK wants to hurt you, yeah, they can. What they can't do is shoot dead 50 people and hurt 400.

Considering the pauses in the fire, it sounds like he could very well have been using semi-automatic weapons, which are legal. And even if they were full-automatic, that is because the manufacturers design them to be easily modified to full-automatic (albeit illegally) simply because it greatly increases their sales.

As far as protecting the populace, it took 13 Spanish/Moroccans a year of planning to kill as many people as they could. With no access to weapons they tried to make their own bombs and blew some of themselves up, then drove a van down one of the busiest streets in the world and killed 14 people.

And all this idiot had to do was take nearly a dozen guns he could easily purchase at a local Walmart, drive to a casino, and kill 50+ innocent civilians all by himself.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

For teens, transgender is the new bisexual.

MikeGant (Anonymous) says...

That's what the city commission is obviously trying to do with the new "nuisance bar" proposal. Honestly between the "massage" parlor, mold-infested building, playerz, and general amount of crime, that entire strip mall should be razed to the ground.

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