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Michael Kort

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Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

It's time for Mike Pence, Sara Sanders et al to start drinking water on stage with two hands at once, to convince us all that this is a normal way to drink water.........or how about a naval doctor in a uniform using both hands to find a drinks way to his mouth ?

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

We have all heard Trump sniffing thru his nose during public on stage events because his nose is stopped up.........not that unusual for Trump.....and only being able to breath thru your mouth will dry your mouth out and the throat which is usually located between the mouth and the lungs, unless you are a con...servative ( lungs that never stop moving air In and out .......unless you are Trump and you are able to not breath for a very, very, very long times !...... on purpose !......or whatever ?

Inside of your nose there are things called terbinates that warm and humidify air that goes thru the nose and into the lungs........which are bypassed when you "mouth breath" because your nose is stopped up which dries out your mouth .

Sudafed, Pseudoephedrine can make you energetic ( and excitable, angery ) and limit your ability to sleep ( cause insomnia ) for a full nights 8hrs sleep, which sooner or later effects your health and your judgement........but it can open up your nose, allowing your mouth to become wet inside once again, as you breath thru your nose naturally .

There is a reason that you have to show ID to buy Pseudoephedrine...........which is......because illegal drug manufactures use it to make.......meth......amphetamine .

No mention of the presidents blood sugars ?.......because obees people usually have elevated blood sugars .

Where did they get this doctor......From Central Casting ?....and maybe Trump should see a REAL Ear Nose and Throat Specialist because there are other OTC drugs that could replace Sudafed ( if you believe their story.... to begin with ) that have less side effects for those who have a really, really, really big .......nuclear buttons !

He probably needs a nose job indside of his nose but that is a surgery requiring general anesthesia and not going to happen .

I once saw my late mother have a mini stroke that lasted maybe 1 or 2 minutes before the obstruction to the brain moved on without anything medical happening from the external to her .

Slurring words, selective loss of muscle control on one just came and went like that......she was very lucky .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

Could you fit all of the cars parked on Mass between 6Th and 11th St into the parking lot at Walmart on South Iowa ?................but people leave Walmart with shopping carts full of stuff.....and that, Target, Home Depot, Menards, etc brings people into the area in cars....not that there is not an internet where you can shop a huge store of specialty this or that, that is not exactly helping anyone who wants to go into the specialty small shop business any where .

Don't know about Lawrence but some landlords elsewhere not only want rent but a % of your gross profits as well and you do a remodel of the space on your own dime with contractors landlord style demands and costs that can get out of hand .

Real estate investment companies that hold land nation wide could play by a very different logic than a local owner........they could have winners whose earnings are offset by loosers that they are too big to care about.........explain all of the absentee out of town landlords in KCMO who destroy neighborhoods right and left with abandoned properties that become drug infested vacant homes because no one at city hall there even knew how to contact the real owners on properties let to go to hell, to fine them hiding behind corporate ownerships from fines............the city condemns the property and has to tear them down or find a one dollar buyer who can prove enough $ solvency to rehab them or whatever ?

This is also capitalism.......and there will be retail winners and loosers......and some landlords are delusional as to what they can squeeze out of a storefront tenant ,...... or that somehow their delusions, banking constraints or lack of super earner tennants to rent their spaces, are all the cities problems to fix ?

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

Peter, did I miss something or did you leave out the Legislative group voice voting with no actual recorded votes from anyone in the legislature,...... So one is able to be held responsible by the voters for anything that they do or don't stand for in the legislatures' agenda ?............sounds like a great job............unless you cross the even get to be............" anonymous on the job " ! ! !

It is the legislators jobs to be held accountable by the voters for what they have or have not done in Topeka and without no exceptions countable individual votes how are we the voters supposed to know a legislators' votes, with anonymous voice votes that are supposedly a yes or no won by some noise comparing (?) majority ?

Topeka should not be known as the world legislative head quarters of " Legislators Anonymous " .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

What surprised me was that Trump is on " mini-speed ", .......he acts the part,..... and he has the nuclear football in tow .

Don't know anything about his bone spurs...........but they are probably all the fault of Democrats !,..... or a fake news (?) plot ! .........because people PLOT against Donald who live under his bed, ......and at various media outlets, etc..

On Opinion: Journalism holds power accountable

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Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

P.S. : a stopped up nose will cause you to breath thru your mouth ......drying up your mouth.......a decongestant that opens your nose supposed to dry up your mouth ? ? ?.......making you slur your words ?.......and to need both hands to get a drink to your mouth ?......and I have this bridge in New York, that I want to sell to you ( and you only ),......... you can do toll booths...... and the state will fix it, paint it, etc...... for free...... and leaving all of the profits just for you ! ?

On Opinion: Journalism holds power accountable

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Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

Trump is such a liar that he can't even tell the world his height and weight without lying .

He has got to be 300+ Lbs and his state drivers license from a younger age says that he is 6', 2" .

If he is not growing taller with advancing age ( as no one does that is 71 ) his nose is still continuing to grow like a certain wooden puppets' .

The above is a drug that no president should take for a stopped up nose !

It raises your blood pressure, can contribute to a stroke and is a relative of amphetamines which tend to make people over energetic, combative and wrestless.......its essentially a form of have to show an ID to buy it OTC ......and there are other less drastic OTC meds that could do the deed .

It may work as a simple decongestant...... but it is not that simple !........and his doctor admitted to Trumps use of it but the media is not medically wise enough to catch it and are too lazy to look it up .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

Meanwhile we will have legislation going thru Topeka without any manes of any legislator on it which, will be voice voted, so that no voting records exist for reviewing by voters who elect ? .........because congenital con.......
servatives are like like roaches......The darkness of names that are unrecorded and voice votes emboldens them .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...


Who was president when " welfare to work" was signed into law, keeping one of his campaign promises ?

Clue, wasn't Obama or Baby Bush.......,so who could it be ?

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

Impeach Trump would not hurt my feelings...... Particularly over Russia's ties .

The congress does the work to present him a tax bill or their choice for Supreme Court........ and he signs it ...............and the media calls it his the trump solution to something?.

The Supreme Court and Taxes were congresses agenda and Trump was forced to grabbed a hostile 6 ton pen left by the giant from
Jack in the bean stock (?) and force it to sign them, just as Bill Clinton had signed "welfare to work laws that were created by Republicans.......

Trump is an addman promoter and a con artist who won't release his taxes

On Opinion: A Trump prophet who nailed it

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