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Michael Kort

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Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

I believe that WaterOne has two very large intake pipes that run N to S across KCK from the south shore of the Missouri River, thru which they can draw water from above the junction of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers ( normally water doesn't flow uphill...... without a special reason ) to supply WaterOnes' treatment plant .

I assume but don't know for sure that WaterOnes' Missouri River intake and the twin mains that cross KCK are up and running and not down for scheduled winter maintenance or repair .

We are now entering the winter months when water use might be 50% of peak summer usage or less ( hence we have the 4 / 01 / 18 state deadline to be done with the release to the River )

All of that said, we owed downstream users the courtesy and some advanced notice that they might be using more Missouri River Water at their plant ......which is pretty filthy water.......which might require a different set of chemicals and a different plan to treat for taste and odor issues than normal Kansas river water might require in mid winter .

I am reasonably sure that KCK and KCMO get their water from the Missouri River North or above the Junction of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

This is their money, their property and their risk .

Other landlords with no debt can undercut them on rents and consistent college enrollment is not a given thing these days .

An excess of apts. could hold rents down, which is a plus for renters city wide !

Hopefully the city planning for all of this development will be thought through and there won't be any robot garage ideas from questionable vendors who go south in the middle of the project to send everybody scrambling .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

I still don't care if they build this or not........ but how about the city figuring out that Crestline and Clinton Pkwy is not a basic 4 way intersection because there is an outer road on the south side of Clinton that goes to parking in the rear of the church and Senior housing behind the church that Ts with Crestline just south of Clinton that is way too close to the standard signaled intersection stop lights at Crestline and Clinton, which blocks the outer road entrance and exit of of Crestline with standing cars during busy times .

Somebody somewhere has handled this type of intersection plenty of times before with a better stop light setup and it sounds as if more cars are coming and this will only get worse .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

I don't care if they build this or not but it would be nice if they solve the problem caused by daycare employees parking on the east side of Crestline making it into a one lane street already during daycare business hours,..... that can't handle another 200 cars + coming or going during daycare business hours .

Sooner or later the tenants that will be here are going to want the city bus that often stands at 25th st and Melrose and on 24th terr between Crestline and Melrose blocking half of two 2 lane streets to do the same here .

How about a plan for an indented pull over lane for this site where a bus could stand without blocking 1/2 the street as they do dangerously above or create the hazard of the departing pedestrian who just steps into a narrowed road unseen from the front end of a bus by drivers going around it

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

I don't care if they build this or not but i do care about whether the area drainage systems can handle all of the additional water runoff during storms that all of these concrete lots and roofs will be instantly producing as north bound run off that used to be held back by tall grass .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

BTW,...MIT has developed a new electric storage battery that can be scaled up to store solar and wind energy cheaply for long periods of time that could probably store excess power plant produced electricity, as needed, as well .

Now why would we do that when we could be out poisoning the aquifers ?


Fixing things that are broken always requires the intent to do something that is productive .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...


It is not just earthquakes that are the danger in these oil drilling reinjection wells .

If they pollute an aquifer and you own a farm above it that gets its' water from a well ( even if it is pumped from a rural water districts well ) and they pollute your aquifer the value of your land is basically destroyed for practical use as a farm or residence .

Maybe you could turn it into a toxic waist dump because oil production injected brine water that leaks back up to the surface contains toxins and salt and the salt all by itself will kill trees and plants .

Yes, I imagine that a 5.6 could severely damage the really old brick buildings downtown but that is small, in comparison, to being able to lay waist to farm land all over the county or in many Ks counties .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

In the whatever of the moment, this individual made a false statement to police which should have consequences ?

1) He started a false investigation and search for the perpetrators ? who was actually just himself ?

2) He obviously occupied police services, that could have obviously been better used elsewhere in Lawrence to deal with real crimes as opposed to imaginary one made up to serve whatever his purposes were ?

In some states you can actually get paid a goodly sum of cash $ if you can prove that you were the victum of a violent crime......and yes, what happened to the gun ?........or was he shot by a stranger ? under unknown circumstance ?..... A stranger who made tha gun disappear with themselves ? or did the police and the LJW simply leave out the fact of where the gun was in the custody of whom ? by simple omission from the story ?.....did they check his clothes for gun powder residue consistent with a self accidental shooting ?

As the Sargent said, this is under investigation...... and it all just sounds a little fishy screwy to me !

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

Modular factory built homes that are contract built to whatever codes or standards that apply and then set on a site by joining portions together on pre constructed foundation sites is where less expensive housing is going !

There is no waiting for this or that trade to show up, in a factory, the windows or tools don't get stolen overnight from the job site and if it rains that won't stop work inside of a factory .

If cars were built like houses your car would cost way more than that thing that rolled out of a factory somewhere, whether new or used .

Michaelkort (Michael Kort) says...

Sooner or later oil well salt brine reinjection is going to contaminate an aquifer and ruin it........it is just a matter of time and accident due to lack of state responsibility to truly supervise and test ground waters, etc..

"republicans at work here".

If you've got no drinkable water on your farm property....... then what do you have but a huge problem ?.......a problem that nobody $ else wants !

The availability and usable quality of groundwater is huge for farm owners and you'd think that they would take a personal interest here...........but based on the legislature's actions and lack of spending you wouldn't know it if they care !

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