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MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

You make people laugh at you, Bob, when you have nothing else to complain about so you stoop to critiquing their writing style.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

This is on the same level as hiding everything they do.

You get their attention on one anti-citizens behavior and they come up with another.

Good Lord, people, don't you think it's time to ditch this bunch of Republicans? They think you're too stupid to fix that problem on election day.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

If the voters let them get away with it, they'll do it. They'll do anything if the voters keep electing them.

And in Kansas, they have been continuing to elect them year after year after year.

It's good this is getting attention now, but it's way late. And they're only doing it now because people are complaining about it.

Tells you what kind of Republican leadership you've been putting up with all these years. The chickens are coming home to roost.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Who here considers it ethical to put Democrats on a commission that has unethical reasons for existing to begin with, and then doesn't allow them to participate?

Where did the good ethics begin here?

Was it when they put the commission together, making taxpayers pay for it - including Democrats, for the purpose of stroking the president's ego because it hurt his feelings that Hillary got almost 3 million more votes than he did and therefore actually won the popular vote. Did Trump's sooper dooper ethics start there?

Or was it when he hired Kobach, a known racist man who does not even care to avoid proving it to everyone, to head up Trump's commission to try to fool American taxpayers into thinking he did win the popular vote, no matter who he hurts in his efforts?

Or was it when he and his commission decided to invite Democrats to be a part of the commission, knowing full well they did not intend to allow them to know anything or have any voice in it?

Or did his wunnerful ethics show up when they actually did as Trump said, and refused to allow the Democrats to participate?

What are they afraid of? The truth?

What I wonder is how many Kansans are fooled by this.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Biggest joke in Kansas. Brownback does NOT believe in religious freedom. He has proven time and again that he believes HIS religion has to be enforced by laws... so that whatever his religion believes should be what every citizen is forced to abide by.

I heard that Muslims in Africa do not want Americans in their country because they believe we want to force them to be Christians.

Yeah, like Brownback is going to fix THAT problem.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

What have we been saying for years? Republicans, if you keep punishing and harassing immigrants you will begin to feel the pinch yourselves, when food becomes more scarce and prices go up because the employees they CAN get will require higher wages, and if they don't get enough citizens who're willing to do that kind of work, there will be shortages of agricultural products.

Why do you want to be so hard-nosed in the face of such FACTS? Do you hate brown-skinned people THAT much?

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Btw, my gr'daughter threatened me with the job of helping to raise her child (she's 28 now) the way I helped raise her. I'd find that to be a great joy.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Or a great-grandchild, or a great-great grandchild. It works that way too.

I see what you meant now, but I disagree because a grandchild might be a grandchild of a great great great grandparent.

Not something we think about often. But there are great grandparents today with great grandchildren whom they consider like their own children. So his family may well have referred to a great grandparent as a grandparent.

I've said a few times that my grandchild's grrrrrrrt-grandpa was War Chief Waubaunsee for whom counties and lakes are named here in Kansas. He likes to hear that and he considers Waubaunsee a grandparent - just one he's never met

I'll add that my grandson never met my grandfather but he was a beautiful hearted person and I do think of my grandson as Gpa Dan's grandchild.

You may have to get old like me to know that it's all in how you feel about your ancestors.

At any rate.... good discussion, Brock..

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Btw, Brock. I'm a liberal and proud of it. But I do agree this guy was wrong in the way he went about airing his complaints. He sounds a bit too hyper and for that reason I'm not sure he'd be a good staff member either. We can agree on that.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

That's a bit of an ignorant statement, Brock.

It stands to reason that most black people in this country came from slaves.

Some, of course didn't. They've come here since slavery was abolished. But MOST of them would have come from former slaves. That's just a logical conclusion.

And I'm 74 and still walking around. I remember before the 60's when black people were given civil rights. That, in itself, was a form of slavery. When I worked in high school as a waitress black people were not allowed to come in the front door. Black employees had to go to the back door to come inside. They could not come out of the kitchen. They had their own bathroom. in the kitchen.

When I was a child I would get on the New Orleans city bus and the bus driver would make elderly grandmothers get up and stand in the aisle so I could sit down.

The situation for black people then, whose parents had been literally slaves, was just short of slavery status. And many of those people are now my age and can well remember how it was.

Your indication that you don't think black people today came from slave families is laughable and ignorant.

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