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MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

So, Bob, you're saying the more we reward helping the poor, the more we will do it.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

The greater percent of conservative and wealthy people's giving is to museums, universities and such... in order to get their names on rooms and buildings.

That's fine, but it doesn't feed and house any needy people. This is something I've researched in the past.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Free meals and room & bed at our expense.

I don't have a problem with that, but some might.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Good post, Dorothy.

In Kansas there are people who are in desperate shape and our state couldn't care less. To then cut their only resource for help is indefensible.

I believe Wichita would be considered a conservative city, primarily. If it is, then that explains it.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Someone here at my house who lives in Seattle just told me that Seattle also has a law against it, but it is not enforced. Seattle has many homeless people who live under bridges and elsewhere inside the city. They also live in parks there. In one place she lived there was a beautiful park across the street. She pointed out to me the area where the drug addicts live and the area where the disabled, old, and sick live.

It could be that the cops have a bigger heart for them than the city lawmakers have.

There are not enough jobs in Seattle that pay enough to live on. Costs there are very high.

Just fyi.

My opinion of panhandlers is... if I personally don't want to give to them, then I won't. I'm an adult and make my own decisions on that point.

So, if enough people give to them, then that means the citizens voted to help the homeless and needy, and no law is needed.

I never give to them because I firmly believe most of them are begging for drug money.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Angry readers at a news site tend to return to the site more often.

It's a good tactic. If we're angry we'll be back.

Another reason to keep returning to read is that we're in a lazy mood and sometimes we read things that are interesting without any heavy lifting or mental focus.

The last one is my excuse today.

Either way, a news site makes no money without viewers, right.

You need to do your part, David, and get appropriately angry so you'll keep coming back to see how this story pans out, OR be lazy like me today and click on LJW in your bookmarks just because it's the easy thing to do. :)

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Actually, Greg, I understand that it does NOT reduce the tax rates of everyone. There are some poor who will immediately pay higher taxes.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Bob wants their blood. It's all they have left. It's anemic and tired from poverty, but by God, Bob wants to see them have to give it over to the wealthy.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

I'll laugh if I see Republicans who voted for Trump actually suffering a great loss for their vote. Not just Trump voters, though. ANY Republican, state or federal.

We, in Kansas have already suffered enough at the hands of Republican voters. This state nearly bit the dust and went into bankruptcy.

Federal won't go into bankruptcy. It will simply keep adding to the deficit and China will just own more and more and more of our country.

I wonder, when China stakes its claim to country vis a vis their having bought it by buying up all our federal bonds, what will they do then to the wealthy people who bought our politicians who then turned around and gave them our country?

These are the things that, at 75, I'm thinking I might not live to see completed, but unless Democrats take over Congress and the White House in the next few years, and unless state's voters wise up, it's going to happen.

Along the way many will die unnecessarily with no healthcare insurance and with hospitals closing down because such things as Medicaid expansion not done. Along the way many middle class will continue to fall into poverty. Along the way public schools will be demolished and if you can't afford private schools your children will suffer a lack of education. Along the way colleges will become more and more expensive and your children will not be able to go to college. Along the way business regulations will drop away and you will be at the mercy of whatever a company wants to do in their efforts to make their owners richer. Along the way we will see far more people begging on our streets and they will be the elderly and the mentally ill and the sick. Along the way our air will become more and more un-breathable and our life expectancy will decrease. We will see more babies born dead or in such bad shape they won't survive. This is going back to before the Great Depression when rich men owned the country and they took it down... in a quest for more personal riches.

I watched us climb back out of that depression. At 75, I was born just at the end of WW II. My earliest memories, even my earliest photo of myself, are of living in the Army barracks on Barracks Street in New Orleans. I'm a person who pays attention. I don't always get it down perfectly, but you can bet if you've paid attention for 75 years, you've learned some hard-to-face lessons.

This is my warning to those who worship the wealthy to the point that they think only the wealthy can and WILL save them... may God have mercy on you... and the rest of us.

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