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MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

And it even makes sense when you set your mind to be realistic. Kids are happy where they are treated well. It has nothing to do with gay or not-gay. Many children are miserable with non-gay parents, and often they're in grave danger as well.

Children will choose, if given a choice, to live where the things that make THEM happy are supplied.

But these far right religious people don't really care whether a child is HAPPY or not. They only care about their judgmental and biased causes.

Here, once again, are religious people who are lying about studies just to get their way. Lying... I thought that was also unChristian.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

This is why the founding fathers did not make America a branch of a religion to begin with.

If you find that your beliefs don't match up with reasonable laws, then YOU have a problem. You do not have a right to dump YOUR problems on others. Get out of the business if you can't do it in a legal and fair and honest way for all citizens. We don't need you or your business.

Anybody remember our old history lessons on how people came to this country to escape religious persecution in England? Yes, Britain had religious laws. Therefore, America was born.

Now these nutcases want to go back to religious persecution?

The hell with them. We WILL fight them every step of the way and God then will judge them someday for judging others and persecuting others.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

I don't live in Lawrence but I've always admired the city and Douglas County. I mean, just driving toward Lawrence from my city on a back road we go out of our county and into Douglas and immediately the highway is smoother. Very noticeable.

But this situation where the health of the citizens is concerned seems obvious to me... obvious that Douglas county must be gaining more poor people (generally black and Hispanic).

Even I, whom I consider wealthy compared to most people, at 75 years old, will consider the cost vesus the symptoms before going to a doctor or the ER. Thankfully, I've been a lucky white person who has had some opportunities others may not have and therefore I can afford health insurance.

There is someone I know quite well who is in her late 40's and no longer has children at home. Both her children are very smart and went/go to college and live elsewhere now.

She suddenly developed a major mental illness. She now has something called Schizo-affective disease. She hears voices that tell her to kill herself or they're going to kill her. She is unintelligible when she talks. She is unable to concentrate on anything that requires concentration to do it well. Therefore she is unable to get or hold a job. But can she get on Medicaid for that?


Not in Kansas.

She tried to get on Social Security disability and was turned down.

She began trying to get on Medicaid months ago and no answer yet.

How does she live? Off her parents who are retired and living on a small pension and social security.

Is this right? Why are Kansans so uncaring? Why is Kansas so different from other states on this?

I know people in Georgia, white people, btw, Christians.... who had no problem getting on disability AND Medicaid there for things like this: One of them is not as smart as most other people. She calls the check she gets each month her "stupid" check. Her daughter suffers from much the same thing, a lack of intelligence, and is very overweight and could not do most jobs. She's on disability and Medicaid.

This woman in Kansas is seriously suffering. The meds she gets from Valeo do not do a good job. They just make her feel a bit better. They don't make her whole again so she can work. It is far worse than not being a genius or being overweight. And yet, Kansas does not care.

What is it with this state?

At any rate, folks, if you have poor people who are unable to get help in Kansas so they can go to the doctor when they need to.... it's the fault of the attitude in Kansas that, if you're poor, you're not worth helping. It must be YOUR fault.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

You might get fired at any other job for such behavior too.

The "She made me do it! It's not my fault!" excuse is easy to see through.

And then there is the fact that he was supposed to be the authority figure in the car... the one who decides whether such things can or can't happen.

Hire ethical people and you won't have these problems.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

J. Robert Oppenheimer was the director of the Los Alamos Laboratory during World War II. He's credited with the creation of the atomic bomb along with Einstein.

Oppenheimer did express some regrets later.

When we march forward sometimes we don't do it exactly right and we have to find that out the hard way.

I believe that the open use and sale of semi and fully-automatic guns is one of those things. Now we're having to back up and re-evaluate the workability and safety issues with this type of weapon.

Ask yourselves, would it be okay for anybody to buy an atom bomb?

Why not?

The answer to that question is also the answer to the question, "Is it okay for a human being to have access to a semi-automatic gun... taking the chance that he is now, has always been, and always will be a sane human being?"

We're not gods. We're not infallible. We make mistakes sometimes. Big ones. This was one of them.

On Editorial: Time to pass gun control

Posted 17 February 2018, 5:39 p.m. Suggest removal

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

When you have two teens the same age kissing, how do you determine which one took advantage of the other?

Is it right to automatically choose the one who is a few days older? Or do they simply choose to charge the male with a crime? What if the girl was the one who kissed the boy?

Yeah, I'm with the mother on this one. This law needs to go.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

Passports are expensive. Most poor people can't afford one. Just got one for my grandson a few moths ago but honestly can't remember what I paid.

$300 sticks in my mind but surely I'm wrong... I hope.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

I was thinking... should I get my SS # tattooed on my wrist? I could add my zip code... It starts with 666

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

I was just lamenting to my husband that my SS card (the original from 1958) is a bit frayed around the edges. He said I should laminate it. Glad I didn't.

MerriAnnie (Anonymous) says...

You seem to have the attitude that everyone is just like you... what YOU can do, everyone can do.

This country is made up of millions of people, every one of which is a unique individual with his or her own special circumstances.

You might need to assess your idea that they should all be like you.

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