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MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

I'm sure there is more to this story. I hope Sara investigates.

MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

He could have been referring to the 1.0% countywide sales tax from 1994. But we don't pay for anything twice. If he really said that he's wrong. This is the latest breakdown from that tax. Please note that Lawrence GETS the lion's share. And that the county's portion is the only sales tax they have ever received. Lawrence is just out of control with their sales taxes.

MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

"Bad behavior cannot be rewarded."

Oh, but it can. And it was.

Also, Steve, can you remind me with citations where they said they were "legally bound to combine the questions and were unable to have separate ballot questions." And when they "finally said that actually they were not legally required to combine the two issues." I thought the whole "legally" issue was about something else, but it's possible I'm mis-remembering it, so cites would be really helpful. Thanks. I appreciate it.

MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

Gee, funny thing. Rep Highberger introduced such a bill to the House on January 24th of this past session, whereupon it was immediately referred to the Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice, of which Boog is a member. The bill had a hearing on February 5th.
There were 4 proponents:
Robert Bieniecki, Douglas County Commissioners (CJCC)
Jennifer Roth, Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Mike Fonkert, Kansas Appleseed (Written testimony only)
Vignesh Ganapathy, Kansas ACLU (Written testimony only)
3 Opponents:
Honorable Merlin Wheeler, Kansas District Judges Association
Kim T. Parker, Kansas County and District Attorney's Association
Natalie Chalmers, Kansas Office of the Attorney General (Written testimony only)

The hearing was interesting and compelling testimony was provided by both proponents and opponents.I would encourage you to listen to it:

Written testimony (for everyone) and meeting minutes can be found here:

It's obvious the state judiciary is underfunded, to say the least. Maybe if 1000 people showed up to storm the castle and DEMAND that those who run things over there would do the right thing, something positive could happen. But that requires citizens to show up in Topeka, and it seems a lot of people want everything fixed at the local level.

Spoiler alert: The bill died in committee.

MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

A robocall should always have a "paid for by" tag at the very end.

MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

I think, Calvin, you're confused about a different issue.

MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

Dan's an attorney and I'm pretty sure he understands the reasons why these can't be voted on separately. He's able to separate fact from fiction. Here's a link to an article that is a good explainer:

MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

Well, that's weird. HTML coding works for <b>bold</b> but not for *italics?*

MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

(Debating on whether to use my newly acquired skill using *italics*)

The reason the county elected to go with putting both issues on one ballot (for a total .5%) is because the legislature only allows counties to levy sales taxes in increments of .25%. The jail expansion needed less than what that amount would provide over 20 years (~40%), and the mental health expansion and addition of services needed more (~60%).

*I hope this helps.*

MelindaHenderson (Melinda Henderson) says...

"In addition to the jail expansion, the sales tax also would be used to fund $11 million of mental health care projects."

No. The sales tax also would be used to fund $11 million of bricks and mortar construction for the mental health crisis center AND behavioral health campus facilities.

additionally, it will fund approximately $100 million in mental health services over 20 years.

I hope the Journal World will make this correction.

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