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Michael Dennis

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Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

Really, this is where we're going with this story - the nature of God and religion in the schools? It's just unbelievable some times, the degree to which everyone is just talking past each other from within their political perspectives.

Jay and Stephanie are profiles in courage and perseverance.
Stephanie, in particular, and her KSTEP organization are forces and treasures of this region.
Their messages of acceptance and equality are priceless and I am thrilled that at least some young people were exposed to them in that auditorium.

Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

Erin herself needs to be celebrated. Thank you for doing this! I have to go see it ASAP.

She was such an uncommon radiantly positive force. Never left Kizer Cummings feeling anything but great about myself and life after time with Erin.

We have got to eliminate toxic versions of masculinity in our culture and train young men to think about themselves and others differently than too many of them do, now.
Please, please, if there is a boy or young man in your life, read and watch Jackson Katz and Michael Kimmel and prevent him from ever even considering this kind of despicable act that erased three such promising and valuable lives.

Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

We aren't reading you anymore, Bob. Go back to your word find puzzles.

Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

WOW, I guess everything really is BIGGER in Texas.

Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

So, you admit you're profiling?

Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

Nathan, can you specify what you mean by that, please?

Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

Let's start a movement!
Boycott Bob Summers and his vile misguided comments.

He is free to write what he wants.
I am free to pledge to skip past his offerings whenever I see his name.
Who's with me?

Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

For those of you fed up with the treatment of women by way too many men who exert power and control in a variety of despicable ways, vote Jennifer Ananda. Not because she is a woman but because of what she and her career are all about. So much more important than what the next fraction of a penny from our taxes goes to.

That fraction of a penny should go to affordable housing by the way (yes on ballot question #3).
And Dustin S. Is your guy on that issue.

Vote everybody!

Anderson, Ananda, Stumblingbear!!

Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

I don't get it. Eliminate someone based on profile? They're all straight on head shots!

But seriously, great ringing endorsement for Anderson is that all the LJW Comments know-it-all bullies are against him.
Another is that he has the great skills of listening, analyzing, and adapting. That's what a Liberal (save the juvenile and trite Congenital Liberal responses) Arts Ph.D.brings to the table and I wish there were more of those qualities in our politics.
Also, with no training or experience, he built a reasonably well-known local access television show from scratch. On it, he showed his ability to connect with all sorts of community leaders. Did he tell jokes? Sure, it was a late night talk show.

He's young and energetic and personable as hell and a total go-getter. And PhDs, for all the sarcasm I am sure this will attract, are by nature, incredibly smart.

You want someone new and effective? Mike Anderson.

Mdennis3 (Michael Dennis) says...

Extinguishers don't spray people. People spray people. This message brought to you by the NEA.

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