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Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

You are an exception to the rule. Generally speaking, wearables do not change lives

Research that shows that food consumption--how much and what kinds--matters more in weight loss than exercise

Exercise has many, many benefits and is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. But it is important not to oversell its weight loss benefits.

Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

I think it is a fine idea and will support it financially.

Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

This is a great idea that motivates me to donate more books.

Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

While I understand that the cumulative effect here may be a hardship for some, I'm not a fan of protest votes. The 0.3% for infrastructure will pay for important transportation improvements. And if you believe in access to motorized transportation, you have to consider voting yes for the 0.25% for transit.

Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

Thank you for your service to the community, Michael. Glad you are landing on your feet.

Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

If the idea is for the city to leverage other investments, the two local nonprofits that build affordable homes may need to build capacity to take on more projects per year. That requires, at a minimum, doubling or tripling private fundraising for the non-grant-covered portion of costs. Is there a plan for helping these organizations ramp up their fundraising?

Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

I see a lot of advantages to a holistic approach from the start. There are many agencies that work with people experiencing mental illness. Coordination is crucial.

And I'm in favor of anything that makes it easier for people to get treatment for addiction. Substance abuse is devastating to families. It triggers a cascade of other problems--domestic violence, unemployment, trauma in children to name a few--that cause suffering and strain the public purse. We can attack the problem or pay for the consequences.

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Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

I support the concept of increasing affordable housing, and am agreeable to being taxed for services that make a real difference. To gain my support for this tax, the city will need to provide more specifics showing exactly how taxpayer investments are going to increase the percentage of Lawrence residents that are not housing cost burdened.

So many relevant cost drivers are out of local government control--land values, building materials costs, construction labor costs, and the mortgage interest deduction (which privileges property owners over renters), to name a few. Who is to say that $10M is going to make an appreciable difference? Show us the math, please.

Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

Long range pedestrian/bicycle plans are already in place. City/county transportation planners have developed bikeway and pedestrian plans within the last five years. The Pedestrian Bicycle Issues Task Force provided detailed five year funding recommendations to the city commission. And there is a city Transportation Commission that stands ready to advise the commission on priorities and projects.

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Marilyn_Hull (Marilyn Hull) says...

"Advocates for bike and pedestrian improvements argue that the intent of the infrastructure sales tax was to fund stand-alone bicycle and pedestrian projects that would improve the city’s standing as a bicycle-friendly and pedestrian-friendly community."

False as stated.

Advocates for bike and pedestrian improvements argue that the small percentage of the infrastructure sales tax that is budgeted for ped-bike projects should focus on building better bikeways and pedestrian routes in areas of the city that have the most people who walk, bike, and and use wheelchairs for everyday transportation.

Improving the city's standing as a bike-friendly or walk-friendly community will be a secondary result, but is not the primary purpose of the funding. The purpose is simply to make it easier and safer for people to get around without relying on cars.

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