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Marc Wilborn

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MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

WaPo today..

Individuals related to Uranium One and UrAsia, including Giustra, donated to the Clinton Foundation, totaling about $145 million.

Sounds like a DC record for being corrupt.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

From the Washington Post today...

"Individuals related to Uranium One and UrAsia, including Giustra, donated to the Clinton Foundation, totaling about $145 million."

This is all who have to know to better understand what is going on in Washington.

On Letter to the editor: Party destruction

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MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

While the 401k might be limited, you would still have a Roth eligible account in the plan. The point is to tax the money now, not 25 years in the future.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

We were headed west on 23rd when the perp and the 5 police cars went by. The traffic was heavy and he wasn't driving that fast as he wove in and out of traffic. When he went by us headed east he was laughing his head off at the police chasing him at about 30 miles per hour.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

Just leave this here.

Bernie should listen to Bernie.

On Letter to the editor: Health care for all

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MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

Mr. Robinson is too kind when evaluating the extent to which Mrs Clinton's personality issues played within the election and the results. While Mrs. Clinton may have had some relevant experience suited for the job she was applying, her real personality and habits after the election prove what many suspected - she doesn't care who she tramples to get what she wants and that is not a good leadership trait. In retrospect, Mrs. Clinton is much more like Nixon than Trump is.

As to where the country is headed, it appears to be a battle between individualism versus some form of collectivism. No longer is the good of the group paramount to individual rights and that may be a good thing now as we exorcise our angst over our poor historical behavior. Long term, individualism without the context of the group will not end well. It never does.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

"The fence will be chain link and extend five feet underground to prohibit burrowing animals."

5 feet underground? What burrows 5 feet underground that requires 27,000 lineal feet of fence buried underground?

Must be a honey badger.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

"We" did not start the Spanish Flu at Fort Riley. It is the location of the first appearance which is logical as the flu actually started in France. The actual source cannot be pin pointed with certainty.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

Yes, but DACA is unconstitutional and would not survive a challenge in the scotus. This move was inevitable as someone would challenge it eventually. It is not up to the Congress to improve the Obama EO and get it passed into law. While not easy, this is the correct path.

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