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Marc Wilborn

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MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

There's one guy that will never cross the Rainbow Bridge.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

The story is not complete on what happened at the FBI and the Clintons yet so I would reserve judgement on that era. The so-called bipartisan proposal for immigration was a laugh and did not meet any of the criteria for solving the real problems regardless of what was said within the closed door meeting.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

Ken, the current administration's approach to governing is just an extension of what has been going on since Bill Clinton's time in the presidency. Special interests have taken over the government and the bipartisan elite who occupy both sides of the aisle are just there for the cash and leverage. Hopefully, after Trump we will see better candidates appear for the office versus Trump or the Clintons.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

More likely the US provided money to both sides of this civil war. No one wins.

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MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

Or, it may have more to do with a long overdue recovery and the idea of Brexit. Emerging markets are booming which reflects a growing demand for goods globally, but especially the US. Small business optimism is at almost record levels. Longest wining streak in the US market without a 5% correction. Nay, nothing to do with Trump at all!

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MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

Personal responsibility is a key to maintaining the vitality of our country. While assisting those who can make a better life, we should not forget those who are less fortunate. The problem is that the federal government no longer believes this to be true and has focused for too long on garnering votes versus helping us help ourselves.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

Fiscal responsibility? Where is fiscal responsibility in this country? It cannot be found on the right or left. Both parties over-promise and under-deliver. This tax reform will create even more people who do not pay federal income taxes in this country which cannot be good long term.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...


I agree that a better system should be used but cash rents can remain sticky as tenant farmers want to retain the relationship and opportunity to continue to rent the land and will overlook a few bad years and still pay the same cash rent.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

Or, maybe a standing AG can contact the husband and former president regarding the inquiry of his wife who is currently running for president.

MarcWilborn (Marc Wilborn) says...

"we citizens of the United States need to replace them with individuals devoted to finding common ground, shared values and putting the country above the party."

Ken, this is where the problems occur as those citizens wanting an objective and caring government are in the minority now. It is difficult now to tell the players true ambitions by just the jersey that they are wearing these days as election to national office offers up a lifetime of benefits. We should be able to govern by difference in degrees, not something that is totally distasteful to the other side but the era of identity politics is making that extremely difficult.

The "we citizens of the United States" no longer stands for what most of us thought it did just 10 years ago. 30 years ago my father (WWII) would have given me a piece of his mind if I had even looked at a non-US built car but today we have the announcement that a Chinese car maker will now enter the US market. 20 years ago the US president was given a pass by feminists due to his politics (Roe v Wade) but today want to re-litigate their own very decisions. 10 years ago "the most qualified presidential candidate" lost to an upstart one-term Senator in the primary because the nation wanted something different. Today, we have something entirely different president-wise and most agree that lining-up the "most qualified presidential candidate" for s second time against our current president was probably the biggest mistake this country may have made in a long time.

Time to re-define what we the citizens actually means.

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