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Jc (Anonymous) says...

"Drivers who show signs of alcohol or drug use will be evaluated, and appropriate enforcement action will be taken."

They forgot to include any driver that is not white.

On Lawrence police plan DUI crackdown

Posted 15 June 2018, 2:16 p.m. Suggest removal

Jc (Anonymous) says...

I don't see why an off duty police officer should get special privileges that average citizens do not get. Get the scope of employment in the contract and move on. Hopefully it's minimal in scope.

Jc (Anonymous) says...

Exactly Mike. Philando did everything he was supposed to do and was murdered by a trigger happy cop. What happened to Yanez? Acquitted.....but these events don't matter to the LTE and the worshipers of law enforcement that get offended at the mere suggestion of questioning law enforcement abuses. Just Obey? Well...even when you do you can still be killed especially if you're black.

Law Enforcement Officers have a dangerous job but they are held or should be held to a higher standard. It comes with the territory. Don't like it? Find a different profession.

Jc (Anonymous) says...

This lecture explains precisely why you should never talk to even the most well intention police officer. There are two parts to the lecture. The first part is the law professor speaking as a criminal defense attorney. The second part starting at 26:30 is a law enforcement officer studying to be come a defense attorney who details all the shady methods law enforcement engages in to get admission of guilt or an arrest. Law enforcement doesn't care about guilt or innocence. They let the courts work that out. All they want is a warm body.

Anyone at risk of being pulled over in America or faced with questioning from police should watch this lecture. Well worth the 50 minutes of your time.


Jc (Anonymous) says...

What the LTE writer assumes is that all traffic stops are legal which they aren't. His mentality on the role of law enforcement is a major problem. What the LTE writer says is fine and dandy in a perfect world but the reality is......it ignores the well established routine violation of rights by law enforcement.

Is it a good idea to comply? Yes. Should you be following the law? Yes....and so should law enforcement officers. This letter is a drastic oversimplification. A life lived by a person that is not a minority where he is exponentially at a lower risk to be violated as an innocent civilian.

Just obey? That's the most un-American thing I've heard in a while.

Jc (Anonymous) says...

Funding also will be maintained for the reforms put in place in 2017 and 2018 to provide alternatives to incarceration, Weinaug said.

Jc (Anonymous) says...

I'll support her too!

Jc (Anonymous) says...

It was less. Some of that money came from Endowment. I want to say a little over half.

Jc (Anonymous) says...

The most bothersome part about all of this is that Trump insulted ALL POW's by saying "I like people who weren’t captured.”

That. Is. Absolutely. Disgusting. Yet his supporters gloss over this fact and look at him like some great patriot. If anyone else other than Trump says this and his fake patriot fans would go insane.

It's the best example of their collective double standard to date.

The one issue I have with the author's assessment is the following:

"He was a young man following orders assuming his country was in the right."

Orders or not his oath is to the constitution and Vietnam was an illegal, undeclared, and 1000% unnecessary war as well as a violation of the military oath. We lost about 58,220 service men and women for what? Such a tragedy.

Jc (Anonymous) says...

"People need to stop making every incident that happens when police are involved as a matter of race. White people screw up just as much as Black people do." K. Christian

Great point that white people screw up just as much as black folks. So why then are non-whites disproportionately charged, convicted, and imprisoned?

Probably has something to do with race....because it is about race.

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