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JP13 (Anonymous) says...

Great job Coach! Congratulations to you and the girls on a fantastic season! Hopefully you’ll get the invite to play for a national championship!

JP13 (Anonymous) says...

“Critics of the AMA recommendation, including the Department of Energy, point out that the guidelines don’t specify exactly how much blue light exposure is harmful.”

We all know smoking is bad for you but, the Surgeon General doesn’t specify exactly how many cigarettes it takes to be harmful. Would 3,000k LED lights be cheaper? Or, if “they” are totally set on 4,000k LED lights, how about adopting the concept of; any light within “xxx” feet of homes must be installed with a shield to direct the light downward.

JP13 (Anonymous) says...

I feel like there's some key peices of missing data. For example, what was the incident that caused the out-of-school suspension? Was it one time or many times? How many "warnings" were given prior to the decision to suspend? If you solely look at the figures provided, it might look like there's a racial disparity. However, when you add in what happened and/or how many times they were "warned", it might become less racially motivated. Are those numbers kept/tracked?

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