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JBERGIE (Anonymous) says...


JBERGIE (Anonymous) says...

Tried police, don't have a written contract so can't do anything about it

JBERGIE (Anonymous) says...

Had a similar thing happen to me, paid a gentlemen (so I thought) $1648 to screen in my patio on May 7, which was on a sunday and said he would be back on Tuesday to do the job. Last summer he constructed a roof over the patio and did a good job , so trusted him with no doubt, after two weeks passed and didn't show up ,texted him (won,t answer his cell) and said he needed to spend the money on other things and give him a couple more weeks, well it has been almost 6 months and still no screened in patio, call him everyday says leave a message, never hear back, also text everyday. Don't know what my next step should be.

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