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Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

Friday’s indictment filing – signed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller – says the 13 Russian nationals that were indited organized a Nov. 12 “Trump is NOT my President” rally in New York on the same day they also organized a “show your support for President-elect Donald Trump" rally in New York! ... purpose to sow political discord.

The indictment also revealed that the Russians organized a “Charlotte Against Trump” rally in North Carolina on Nov. 19.

During the election, according to the filing, the Russians supported Trump and worked to spread derogatory information on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Their “strategic goal” was to “sow discord in the U.S. political system,” the indictment said.

Contrary to the hopes and dreams of many of the above liberals, the 4 Americans indited by Mueller's investigation were not indited for anything related to political collusion.

What is kind of amazing is how effective the Russians have been at pitting DEMs against REPs ... discord at its finest!

We should all be skeptical of anybody that submits a LJW comment which speaks in a derogatory fashion of our President ... they might be a pinko!

Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

"the lumpy sack of moldy oranges that serves as president of the United States"

LJ World ... when are you going to pull the plug on this worthless piece of crap?

What qualifies this divisive scum bag to be the "White Conscious" ... do you think Lawrence really needs this?

On Opinion: Domestic abuse scandal is personal

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Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

Heart breaking!

As Dorothy points out mass murder of school children is a fairly modern phenomenon.

Perhaps we should be questioning what has changed. What has decreased empathy? What could generate that much resentment?

Permissive society? Inability to handle rejection?

Blaming high capacity weapons is too easy ... These killers inevitably talk of "killing as many as possible" ... they often are carrying bombs and other weapons..

While there is significant controversy, my money is on violent video games.

Have you watched the development of video games? Initially, the user was pitted against something non-human (space aliens for instance). Then it became common place to be the "good guy" battling humans that were clearly "thugs". Now the battle is waged against beautiful men and woman warriors! Hard to imagine that spending 4 or 8 hours a day killing virtual human beings is not going to warp a few minds.

The American Psychological Association seems to agree. They concluded while there was "no single risk factor" to blame for aggression, violent video games did contribute!

"The research demonstrates a consistent relation between violent video game use and increases in aggressive behavior, aggressive cognitions and aggressive affect, and decreases in pro-social behavior, empathy and sensitivity to aggression,"

One of the students who carried out the Columbine High School massacre in 1999 used a gun he called "Arlene" - allegedly after a character in a novel inspired by the computer game Doom.

As with everything, violent video game contribution to aggression was recently challenged by a group of 230 academics from universities around the world who pointed out in an open letter to the APA that youth violence in the US and around the world was currently "at a 40-year low".

Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

President Trump is dangerous! ... he represents a significant danger to the chances of Democrats electing another liberal "professor" to the presidency in 2020. People like you shoot the Democratic Party in the foot regularly with your name-calling rants.

Liberals say Trump's policies promote white privilege. They don't. They say his policies disfavor minorities, but they don't; they are race-neutral and aimed at lifting up all people. They say immigration enforcement policies are driven by nativism and bigotry. They aren't; they are animated by a love for America and the American idea, which is enshrined in our founding documents.

David Limbaugh said it well ..."America was mired in a perpetual malaise under Barack Obama, and the Democrats' goal, when Obama's scapegoating of George W. Bush had finally extended even beyond the Democrats' willing suspension of disbelief, was to delude Americans into accepting economic stagnation as inevitable and the new normal.

Democrats have no viable alternative agenda; everything they tried under Obama failed. Yet they're still promoting the same destructive ideas. That is why they have reduced themselves to ad hominem Trump slanders, bogus charges of collusion with Russia and blanket smears of conservatives as bigoted extremists.

Democrats are the ones who have become more extreme every year. Yesteryear's liberal extremism is far too conservative for today's Democratic Party. With Democrats' constant westward shifting of the goal posts, they regard mainstream conservatism as radical. Proof of their extremism and intellectual bankruptcy is their maniacal rhetoric, such as accusing Trump of being a dangerous dictator."

" maniacal rhetoric," ... that's you Steve!

On Letter to the editor: Trump is dangerous

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Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

Try to get through one comment without calling other respondents, who do not share you horribly biased, and often non-nonsensical rants, names.

On Letter to the editor: Trump is dangerous

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Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

I'm with you Charles1

By the time one retires they have contributed to their children and grandchildren's education through the spectrum of existing taxes. I believe that when a person reaches full social security age the tax on their primary residence should be frozen at the level it was when they achieved that milestone, until they die, sell or move.

Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

"If you are a conservative, one of the fun things about Donald Trump’s presidency is watching liberals lose their minds over how much they loathe him.

From media elites to members of Congress, progressives are often reduced to tantrum-like fits because they are so frustrated by living in the shadows of this establishment-busting, government-shrinking rebel of a president." Jean Card

Thanks Jean ... we see it in the comments daily!

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Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

So now a 10 year old allegation of physical abuse supported by a picture of a black eye on the part of a male staffer is considered sufficient to destroy not only the staffer's career but to cast dispersion on a man who has devoted his life to the service of his country!

My wife has a picture of a black eye she sustained playing softball. I guess I better never consider divorce!

The inconsistency is glaring. MSM and lefties seem to demand impeccable character on the part of anyone filling the Executive Department ranks in a Conservative administration but tolerate and over look major character flaws on the part of Democratic lawmakers and candidates!

"All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years. ...At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." Abraham Lincoln 1838

On Opinion: What is going on in the West Wing?

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Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

Low yield tactical nuclear weapons ...

Your beloved HuffPost gets it, why don't you?

North Korea’s Simple But Deadly Artillery Holds Seoul And U.S. Hostage

"Burrowed into hard granite mountain faces and protected behind blast doors, 15,000 North Korean cannons and rocket launchers are aimed at the glass skyscrapers, traffic-choked highways and blocks of apartment buildings 35 miles away in Seoul ― and the U.S. military bases beyond.

In a matter of minutes, these heavy, low-tech weapons could begin the destruction of the South Korean capital with blizzards of glass shards, collapsed buildings and massive casualties that would decimate this vibrant U.S. ally and send shock waves through the global economy.

This is why North Korea has shrugged off U.S. threats to end the country’s nuclear weapons program,"

On Letter to the editor: Trump is dangerous

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Heygary1 (Anonymous) says...

" The Democratic Party too often is seen as a bizarre collection of single-cause or special interest groups, with the whole actually being less than the sum of its parts."

Finally, an objective assessment!

On Opinion: Finally, a unifying theme for 2018

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