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Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

Nice weather and a Friday. What more do you need for a meaningless walkout?

Thanks to the liberals, we are raising a lot of young people to think that they are forever victims of something. You can't be a "snowflake" forever. Eventually, you melt!

Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

Excellent analysis, Chad. Perhaps not being a legal expert gives you additional credibility because you are asking questions that need to be answered. We can now expect that everyone will get "lawyered up" and that learning facts will become secondary to assessing the latest rumor.

In investigations at other schools like North Carolina and Arizona, I have taken the position that it is hard for me to believe that someone in the program didn't have an inkling of what was going on. Maybe it is just a rumor here or there or whatever. However, if the leaders take a blind eye and basically take the approach of "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil", then that is negligence in my book.

Now, I am as devoted a KU fan as anyone and would be heartbroken if the university is implicated. Also, I adore Coach Self and if he says he knew nothing and that his staff knew nothing, then I will take that to the bank until reliable evidence comes forward to change my mind. They deserve that.

Assuming that KU is innocent, which I pray is the case, the worst part is that now the feeding frenzy will begin, but I plan to ignore it until something beyond dispute comes forth.

Even if KU is totally innocent, they will be tarnished in the eyes of some people. Like many have said in the past, "how do you get your reputation back?"

Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

Absolutely, fantastic. Congratulations to all. You epitomize what it means to be outstanding college students. May all of your wishes and dreams come true.

Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

Glad to see so many self-professed mental health experts are around. This subject is highly complex, but to the liberals it is always symbolism over substance. Another law here, and another law there - - as if you can legislate morality and crazy behavior.

You can't change the people, so you had better address the system with more security and meaningful efforts to protect the schools. Anything less is simply "window dressing."

Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

The Russian efforts in connection with the indictments started in 2014, a year before Donald Trump even announced for the presidency. Also, Rosenstein made it clear that there is not any evidence that the elections were actually tainted, only that the Russians tried.

As Bob says, the Russians have interfered in our country since before World War II, and they expanded their efforts during the Cold War. Remember, they are the ones who said "We will bury you", and "we will do it from within."

Nothing new here, plus it started under Obama's watch, and he did nothing about it. When all is said and done, it will be proven that the only collusion that occurred in the elections was between the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Foundation, and the Russians. Just say tuned.

You can go back to sleep, Dorothy!

Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

The weasel Schiff deliberately put classified info in the 10 page report to force the President to send it back to the House. My advice to Schiff is to just go ahead and leak it on your own, like you have so much other information.

A 10 page report (the Republican's memo was only 4 pages) just reinforces the old adage, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull....."

Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

The Democrats in DC are nothing but hypocritical liars and propagandists. This is just the beginning of what will turn out to be a disaster for them. Seems that Obama and the Clintons have been relatively silent lately.

I predict that many more heads will roll at the FBI and that the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign will be discredited for posterity. They are nothing but lying crooks.

Keep draining the swamp!

Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

Nice follow-up, Nick. When comments are removed, it always raises suspicions about either the language or perhaps incendiary nature of the comment which apparently isn't the case in this instance. Clearly, in some cases, the LJW has disabled the comments section of an article because they know that a wide range debate in the "blogs" is usually not terribly enlightening or worthwhile due to rampant speculation.

Certainly, if Mr. Foley has some pertinent information, he should be encouraged to report it to the police and then let them do their jobs. I would imagine that the authorities would like to confirm the identify of the vandals, and I assume most people feel the same way.

Harlan50 (Harlan Hobbs) says...

Would be interesting to know what "SWAE" is supposed to stand for. The lack of information in the article perhaps indicates that it is generic and only known to the perpetrators.

If they find the perpetrators, maybe they should be spray painted and paraded downtown and throughout the school. After all, they apparently want recognition, so give it to them.

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