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GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

I love the fact people are hating on a company who just gave a $500 bonus to their workers. I am sure the employees appreciated a surprise bonus. I know I would

If it is so insignificant I challenge you to go to your favorite charity and donate $500.00 of your money in protest over this horrible thing that Lawrence Paper has done to their employees by investing in new infrastructure and giving a bonus.

Please report your donation in this thread so we can acknowledge you and your charitable contribution for the benefit of others as a protest of Lawrence Papers actions.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Which is more expensive? Having the mentally ill untreated or in jail or building a facility that would serve an underserved population whose cost to society is exponentially higher if treatment option are not available?

Answer: Having facilities that serve.


GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Maybe, he has saved an invested. Maybe he is living the "American Dream" of owning his own business.

It seems he is at odds with the wisdom ot the negative nabobs of negativity and the desire to have the collective determine who can be in business.

I say go for it Austin, good luck to you and thankfully some people in this country will invest their money, providing jobs, paying property taxes and providing the city with clean cars.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Jake Tommy's takes care of their places. The maintenance at Hurricane seems to be non-existent.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Tommy's are the nicest carwashes I have ever seen. They keep them clean, maintained and all facets in working order.

There has been one at 107th and Roe in Overland Park If you want to see what they do.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Trolls will be trolls.

It is an amazing gift to the University and the athletic department. Mr. Booth can spend his money how he sees fit, after all its his money. It is great he wants to give back to the community he grew up in.

Maybe take a breath and chill...Jeez.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

How many accidents have happened as a result of Firefighters and their boot drive for MDA? I would love to know those numbers. Seriously, don't they have anything better to do down there. I hope people purposely flaunt the law. Those photos of givers in jail would be priceless.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Please provide citations.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Bob, There is a crisis in Kansas including Lawrence for the treatment of the mentally ill. Currently can you tell me how many beds there are for a mental health crisis? Right now mentally ill patients may have to spend up to a week in the emergency room in facilities that are not designed for these particular illnesses.

You say you pay for it then....Well Bob you are paying for it as many of these individuals wind up in jail not being treated properly (no fault of the jail) at a MUCH higher cost. Though I generally agree that we should be fiscally conservative in this case we would be saving money and more importantly saving lives through proper care.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

I disagree with Curtis. Though in general what he says is true. In this case, it makes perfect sense to accommodate the young man for a year. I applaud the city for doing this.

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