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GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Given that in the data I referred to we are in the statistics I found 19 states are funding at lower levels than Kansas so we are in the bottom half but does that mean that student performance should not be higher then it is. I think Kansas City Missouri School district was a great example of throwing money at a problem does not necessarily solve a problem.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Seriously? This guy is exactly who we want immigrating to our country. It is also his tax money John since he has been paying taxes. Sheeesh.

Bob & John lets hear your family immigration story.

For me my much of my family has been here since the 1700's. However, my paternal grandmother immigrated from Russia in 1911 along with many others who arrived then went to work in factories and sweatshops. As far as I know, her parents never were naturalized did not speak much English yet set the stage for their family to excel.

I agree we need strong borders to stop illegal immigration however you can't make it so difficult for stellar students to remain. Sayed was working within the system and this still happened.

Congratulations to him and his family, hopefully this will get resolved in his favor.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

According to Kansas in 2015 spent $10,040.00 per pupil.

Spending another 2 Billion based on enrollments will increase the per-pupil spending to $4,046 bringing the total spending to $14,086 per student.

This would put Kansas above 38 states in spending per student.

Based on 2015 numbers, we are spending more than 19 other States.

To put this in some perspective California is spending $10,467 per student.

Certainly having a highly educated populous is a benefit to society. Being in the bottom half of funding does not sound very good. However, I am not certain that these numbers take into account cost of living differences and other factors.

An increase very well may be needed but it seems logical to me that a 40.2% increase is excessive.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

On the other hand, why should the non-sanctioned IFC fraternities be suspended for the wrongs of the nine who have been called out since 2014?

Have some of the nine straightened out after being called out? The article does not say.

Don't punish everyone for the bad decisions made by a few.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Sharilyn, I am trying to understand what you are saying. I like you feel the treatment of the mentally ill is not satisfactory and much harm has been done. It sounds to me like you are opposing these programs when they are designed by people who truly want to help the situation.

Total reform of mental health care is going to take more than what Lawrence, Kansas can do, however, we are a leader in the country doing what we can with what we have. We are now being asked to do more by voting for the expansion of the jail which is overcrowded and to build facilities that better serve the mentally ill.

I applaud the efforts of Douglas County and Bert Nash to try and make a difference in the lives of the mentally ill and to try and only keep those in jail who need to be there. Are the systems perfect? No are they better than much of the country, clearly, it is so. Yet it is not enough. We need to help those who need housing and services so they do not end up like John Lowe.

I plan on voting for the measure when the ballots are released. It is time we step up and treat the incarcerated and the mentally ill in a way that serves both populations.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

The Journal-World is currently reviewing data about the jail’s population and hopes to soon publish an article detailing the type of inmates who currently are in jail.)

Any idea of when that might be released?

That type of information should be really informative.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

There are plenty of studies that show later start times for students benefit the students. Rick Ingram is correct a 9:30 or 10am start time would be better for the students.

It is science people.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

I predict more success for the Democrat party candidates in Kansas.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

He is has been talking about running for President for decades.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

First, the headline for this article is terrible. It was not the neighborhood's trees, it was the property owners trees.

I personally hate the unnecessary destruction of trees and personally, I see no reason for those trees to have been removed at this point. However, I am not the property owner.

I would love to know how this particular property got the sensitive land's designation, it was an empty lot.

Secondly, if you move next to an empty lot, you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you think it is always going to remain an empty lot. I personally move into developed neighborhoods so that I know exactly what is going to be next to me. This theme seems to be common here in Lawrence. The only people as far as I know who have taken matters into their own hands was the neighborhood by the orchards golf course where they purchased and got a permanent green easement.So now they have the say of what happens to that area.

So the moral of the story is empty lots don't always stay empty and property owners may not do what you want. (Since it is their property)

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