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GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

I will believe it when I see it. Having been active since I was 18 and earlier if you count efforts to save wild horses and the ecology movement. If the past is any indication of the future it will be a very small minority that sticks with it. We can hope however that this time it will be different.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

It is a shame that the downtown event was not approved. That is the event that I went to every time that it was held.

Of course, I had to dine downtown during the event as well.

Guess it will be a picnic at Lonestar now.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

I would say that there is plenty of retail downtown, not just restaurants and bars. I would love to know exactly what the rent is in the downtown area compared to the rest of the shopping areas.

I see the biggest problem down there is the availability of hours when on South Iowa some stores close at 10.

With 20-25% of the workforce heading out of town the stores need to be open when people are available. I am lucky having the freedom to shop whenever I want but that is not the case for many.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Curious Richard if you ever state an opinion of your own or you just criticize those who do with personal attacks?

It would seem that it always comes to namecalling when you have no real argument.

You say above "you better stick to facts" Yes I think that would be great advice for you to take. Stop the name calling and refute the argument with facts or at the very least an opinion.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Why did the city build a canopy attached to private property?

This begs the question are the property owners responsible for the sidewalks outside of their businesses like residents and other property owners are in front of their homes and businesses?

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Good luck Mike!

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Really interesting The Journal-World Editorial Staff calls out divisiveness by being divisive.

The Journal-World says that employers have the right to set policy and yet complain when they do.

One policy that the Journal-World has enacted is that each commentator must use an actual name instead of being anonymous, this has had the benefit of reducing to a degree the number of outrageous comments, while at the same time stifling many people who would express valid issues, opinions and concerns if they could do it under a pseudonym protecting their specific identity as the JW Editorial board does.

This policy by the Journal-World stifles free expression under the idea that it is more civil. Yet under the rule, you just see the same few posters, over and over, spouting the same tired comments.

This could have been corrected by having the verification of names be real but allowing a pseudonym for the public forum. If personal attacks or board policy was broken the "suggest removal" tool could be used and for violators, they could be identified and banned since they are a verified user posting anonymously.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

It would seem they take pride in all of his developments, otherwise, the city would not have approved their development.

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Congratulations Julia!

People in the community should take Mental Health First Aid here is what you will learn.

You just might save a life!

GregDiVilbiss (Anonymous) says...

Fair by forcing two-thirds of the states to live up to whatever NY and California and a few other high population cities say?

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