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David Holroyd

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DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Chancellor Girod is going to do what the DONORS want. He is just a signer of legal documents that the university attorneys tell him the paper looks good. Just like Bernadette did. She had no say in hiring or firing coaches or athletic directors.

The DONORS rule!

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

And the city of lawrence has let the Mausoleum become degraded.. Short of five months to memorial day...what can the five commissoners put in action to make the Mausoleum a place of pride for Lawrence and the final resting place of those left in it.

All talk they are and no action.

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

has been, was, the same they were FINED.

your assignment Richard Heckler for study hall is Study the Bribery Charges and report back...if you report in proper time you will not receive study hall for another week.

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

The same Gilbane Development that as fined for bribery ? They will fit right in with The Planning Department/ Mr. McCullough and the head honco Mr. Markus.

The commission is sooo naive!

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Really now Jennifer,,,you don't want an old man showing up? I suppose it is okay for an "old man" pizza delivery person to show up.

I want to see Chief Burns be the first chief in Lawrence to hire a Transgender!

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Dump the water into the river so it goes to Eudora. One eyed Wilbur's sister, Juanita, is not happy! Good thing she is past child bearing age or the baby might be defective thanks to Mr. Markus...I was wondering what all the dirt removal was about on E 15th.....a ditch to the river maybe?

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Can't Fritzel just pick up a truck or two of water and water the golf course? And the city as well, Heck Oak Hill cemetery could use some water..

How's that Mausoleum coming along Mr. Markus? And also the fellow commissioners?

Soon it will be Memorial Day again...and the commissioners cannot fix a simple Mausoleum.
Free paint at the recycling center!
Big Event at KU...working to improve the community!
Work release programs...certainly there wouldn't be any conflict with the residents interned.
Even a few city workers to show their appreciation for being employed!

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

More money with NO plan. Short sighted commision led by Markus who doesn't care. Resume building at work.

A year later and they can't get it right.

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

What? Is he ashamed or what. What is he hiding!

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

No exemption of sales tax should be allowed, past present and future.
Are the materials really being purchased in Lawrence?

The tax abatement is a state program and that is another matter. In fact, the tax abatements should be allowed to be used for blighted properties. Example : A new house replaces torn down junk in the 900 block of Conn.

But the commissioners don't have the guts to make a change. Mr. Markus doesn't care and when a Mausoleum cannot be repaired and just slightly enhanced nothing can be done.

No one is in charge..except Markus telling the commissioners what to do. It's easy to give directions to a box of rocks.

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