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David Holroyd

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DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Dorothy should enlighten herself on the taxes on commercial buildings. She would find the answer.

And a florist downtown doesn't realy have walk up business. Florist make deliveries. They can locate anyplace. If the truck moves, the delivery can be made.

Vacant buildings on 23rd street are likely to stay vacant because the lots are not deep enough...and the buildings cannot be enlarged. Unless you have a situation like Long Johns that is now something else. And those conversions are becoming more scarce.

What constitutes rent? A mortgage payment a property tax payment, a management fee if the property is managed by someone other than the owner, and the matter of insurance as well. . Do the math.

Why doesn't Chad write a story about a building sitting empty? He can find the taxes, he can find the mortgage, he can find the minuses of the location and why the property is not desirable. And then there is also the possibility of Dr. McCullough and his office and the need for rezoning.

What happened to the indoor storage units that were to be behind Arby's?

Dorothy seems to think that an owner of a vacant building gets a tax write off> I would like to use her accountant....:)

dorothy, you cannot write off loss of rent. a write off is either a tax credit or a tax deduction. There is a difference. Do you write off your property taxes...OR do you claim them as a deduction and save only the percentage of the tax bracket you are in?

Please let me know who your tax "guy" or "gal" is...

If a vacant property benefitted the owner....all properties would be left vacant..

Sadly, many commercial properties would be better torn down in Lawrence and taken off the tax roll. The owners would really benefit..but then to rebuild on the site, Dr. McCullough makes it darn near impossible with all the impositions on the property owner.

A vacant lot would then be treated as "agricultural" and we know how that saves money!

Ask Bob Schumm....Chad you can help refresh folks memories...!!

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

APS in Arizona already announced cuts.

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

How old can someone be and be on Medicaid?

just asking

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Just do like choosing a tow company. The city has a revolving door when picking a tow company.

So, therefore , since the only competitiors are Treanor, Werner, Gould Evans, Fritzel and Compton and RD Johnson..it shouldn't be too hard to pick one if a rotation schedule is picked.

Oh, what happened to that Plumber Guido or something like that. Now he needs some competition.

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Fret not, Kurt Kummer there will a headlne that one day says " Wireless phone store to close and bulldozed and Quicky's Hamburger to be moved and declared Historial replacing the wireless store. After all it is a cute burger joint and would do better at the Taco John site with a stoplight and bus stop across the street..

Wonder what it takes to move Quicky's?

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Who owned the bldg? Who made the initial and ongoing remodeling and repairs? How much is the Chamber paying Hugh Carter? Can't he find the funds? The last director of the Peaslee Center was to put it on sound footing. The last director of Homeless Shelter was to put it on sound footing. The Humane society is right behind wagging it's tail for some money.

I dare to Elvyn Jones to list all monies involved. The public would then know why it's easier to beg in Lawrence than to work for the money.

Sadly, the young people at Peaslee are the ones who suffer. I was told that a young many wants to take a welding course and he believes he has to go to Topeka to do it? Why? Question: Is this something he can learn at the Peaslee Center and take a course at NIGHT after he gets off work.

I'd like to get my debts acquired by some banks and then county bails them out and city too, and they go away in seven years.

Waiting to see what Numbers Boley has up his sleeve when the city is asked to pony up some money..

Hey, maybe Hugh Carter can add the cost of the Mausoleum into those loans for the Peaslee Center and two birds can be killed with one stone. How's about it Hugh?

The Chamber is nothing but a employment agency for the retired of Lawrence.

Speaking of the Chamber , didn't they hire a man retired from the State of Kansas for economic development...a double dipper if you will , employed by the Chamber of Lawrence. well, can't he with his connections figure out how to put Peaslee on sound footing financially?

Is Peaslee a 501 C? don't know but if so, are they up to date with Guidestar.. Certainly, Just Foods isn't and even on their websited they don't disclose any financial information of squat.

Mr. Elvyn, would you list the names of all the financial institutions?

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Hire a consultant!

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

"thousands of gallons" 2, 3, 10 how many thousands? A truck just pulled up and started unloading grease?

Contract services will be needed and Mr. Markus can authorize the spending of how much without city commission approval?

When that car wash goes in the water from it can flush it down...

Is it near Applebees...inquiring minds want to know?

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

Dorothy, I offered a matching gift of $l00 dollars for the mausoleum...don't you recalll...short memory. And anyway the city had according to Toni Wheeler $10,000 toward it. BUT Soden failed to get the job done. Amyx failed to get the job done. Mr. Markus is too busy courting out of town developers like Gllbane who has a record of bribery.

Tony Peterson.....If it is a Wishing Bench...then you go sit on it and wish..

Other areas of town will remember your attitude when the East Lawrence folks don't want something in another area..

If it is a collective effort can't you Tony Peterson have East Lawrence "residents' make a collective donation. instead of going public to beg.

The Journal World should not have written a story..about it. The bench is news?

If Farmer were still in town he would have a Food Truck festival and raise that much.

Where is the Chamber of Commerce...arent' there members flush enough to "fix" the "bench?.

After all all the money for tourism I should think that the bench would be a tourist attraction.
Maybe Tom Fritzel would donate. He has made enough money from the city..but wait , he can't make hotel decisons...ask Sandy Praeger since she is in charge of the hotel...

Bob Summers is right. East Lawrence cannot raise $650? Then it is true, the folks in east lawrence are poor....seems to indicate that.

tony and dorothy ,could sit on the bench with coffee cans for donations... for that I would donate just to get a picture of them...

Again,,,,is it in the right of way, city right of way. The writer Joanna needs to find out...

DavidHolroyd (David Holroyd) says...

The taxpayers of Lawrence have made R D Johnson rich...thanks to the city commission. Would Chad care to tell how much was paid in "change orders" over the years?

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