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Sound Off: Trash overflow


<b>I thought the trash department was going to provide stickers to us so that when we have a large load for the carriers the city provides, we could put the stickers on bags. Is that program still happening?</b>

There is no trash overflow sticker program. All trash needs to be placed in the trash cart for collection. The city’s solid waste loaders realize there may be a couple of special occasions each year (family reunion, holidays, etc.) when you may have an additional trash bag that does not fit in the cart. Your extra trash bag will be picked up the first time and the second time. During the second overflow event, city crews will leave a tag on your trash cart. The third time, the city will switch the cart for a better size for your residence. Residents may always call the Solid Waste Division at 785-832-3032 to discuss specific situations.

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