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Sound Off: License tag renewal fee


<b>Does the County Treasurer’s Office still charge an additional fee to renew your car license tag at the office off of 27th street and if they do how can they do that when it’s a public office just like the courthouse? </b>

According to Douglas County Treasurer Paula Gilchrist, the county does charge an additional fee at each of its satellite locations: 2108 W. 27th St.; 112 Eighth St., inside the Baldwin City Market; and 3000 W. Sixth St., inside Dillon’s. She also said the law allowing those fees has just been updated with the passage this year of Senate Bill 96, which allows a county with multiple vehicle registration facilities to charge up to $5 for each vehicle registration or renewal. Counties with only a single registration facility are only allowed to charge a fee up to $2.50. That new law takes effect July 1.


Brian Hall

The answer doesn't really solve the last half of the question. I thought the fee went to offset the cost of having the satellite branches open--so that people on the other side of Lawrence or in Baldwin didn't have to drive all the way to courthouse. The answer given seems to be a "we charge the money because we can" answer.

4 years, 11 months ago


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