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Sound Off: Polling pay


<b> Does Douglas County pay to have a polling place on the Kansas University campus? </b>

Yes. Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew said the county actually pays to have polling places at many locations in the county. Shew’s office offers a $100-per-day payment for locations that can serve as a polling place. He said some organizations — such as the city of Lawrence and Lawrence Public Schools — forgo the payment. Shew said it is worth noting that since the polling places at KU are in the student union that it is not Kansas University that receives the payment, but rather the private corporation that runs the student union. Shew said the payment is designed to help organizations that have to provide electricity, extra custodial work or other miscellaneous expenses to host the polls.


Matt O'Reilly

I'm curious as to the split between which polling places take the payment and which do not. Any way to see the breakdown for every polling place?

5 years, 3 months ago


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