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Sound Off: Sign problems


<b>I see cars coming west on West 22nd Street to make a left on Hartford Avenue to get to Clinton Parkway. I would say at least half of these cars run the stop sign at this intersection of West 22nd and Hartford. A couple of problems I have noticed is that the stop sign sets up too high for motorists and, secondly, the stop sign is visually blocked for motorists going west by tree limbs at the edge of the Creek bed on West 22nd. There have been many close calls of accidents here at this intersection on a day-to-day basis. Is there anything that can be done to alleviate this problem before someone gets hurt?</b>

The stop sign is installed at the proper height, which is 7 feet, according to Lawrence Communications Manager Megan Gilliland. Parks and Recreation staff will trim the trees to ensure the sign is clearly visible. To report overgrown trees around traffic signals, contact the Traffic Division at 832-3034.

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