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Sound Off: Practicing graduates


<b>What percentage of a Kansas University medical school graduating class practices medicine in Kansas initially and then 5 years down the road? </b>

The answer to this question is a bit complicated, said KU Medical Center spokeswoman C.J. Janovy, because there are two types of “graduates” from the School of Medicine: people who earn their medical degree from KU, and people who complete their medical residency at KU. Complicating matters, some people fall into both categories.
But the School of Medicine does try to track where its graduates are practicing, and Janovy passed along some of that data, the most recent of which was for the class of 2007. Among that class, 70 of the 160 medical-school graduates are practicing in Kansas — 44 percent. Among the 2007 residency program graduates, 58 of 141, or 41 percent, are practicing in Kansas.
Numbers for the class five years before that, the class of 2002, are similar. Of the 168 medical-school graduates in 2002, 68 are practicing in Kansas, making for a percentage of 40. And of the 2002 residency graduates, 41 percent are practicing in the state: 67 of 164 graduates.
Janovy added that about 49 percent of the practicing physicians in Kansas —about 3,200 of 6,500 — either earned their M.D. or completed their residency at KU, or both.

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