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Sound Off: Lease legality


<b>Is it legal for someone to give a 30 day notice and get out of a signed lease? </b>

“(According Landlord Tenant Law), assuming there’s nothing in the lease that allows that, the lease is a contract to rent for a year and no 30 day notice before the lease, during the lease, or anything, stops the lease from being a binding contract,” Marilyn Harp, the executive director of Kansas Legal Services, said.
The people who have found a different housing arrangement do not have to live there, but they have a contract and they owe the rent, and if they don’t ever move in and the landlord can’t ever get someone to re-lease or sublease the apartment, then the people who signed the original lease will owe the rent.
Harp said the law requires the landlord to make the best effort to re-rent the place before they charge the tenants for the rent.



The question asked Marilyn Harp included the term of the lease being one year, typical in Lawrence housing rented to students. That fact was not restated in the short question posed above. A lease can be for any length of time. They are not for one year automatically.

4 years, 9 months ago


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