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Sound Off: Provost salaries


<b>With Kansas University currently experiencing budget constraints, how many vice provost and assistant provosts does KU have, and what are their annual salaries? </b>

KU currently has five vice provosts and four associate vice provosts. Here are their salaries for the current fiscal year:
• Sara Rosen, senior vice provost for academic affairs (and professor of linguistics): $212,300
• Tammara Durham, vice provost for student affairs: $145,000
• Diane Goddard, vice provost for administration and finance: $213,300
• Mary Hummert, vice provost for faculty support (and professor of communication studies): $197,000
• Matthew Melvin, vice provost for enrollment management: $180,000
• Ann Cudd, vice provost and dean of undergraduate studies, $197,000.
• Francis DeSalvo, associate vice provost for student affairs: $121,255
• Susan Gronbeck-Tedesco, associate vice provost for international programs: $127,500
• Richard McKinney, associate vice provost/budget director: $171,250
• Barry Swanson, associate vice provost for operations: $165,000
KU also has one vacant vice provost position, for which it is interviewing candidates this summer: vice provost for diversity and equity.

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