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Sound Off: Club pricing


<b>When did Boys & Girls Club become part of big business? It used to cost $10 a month to go and now it costs $70 a week, and I thought it was supposed to keep kids off the street and not everybody can afford $70 a week to send their kid to boys and girls club.</b>

The Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence is committed to making our after-school and summer program available and accessible to all kids in the Lawrence School District, regardless of their socio-economic situation, said Colby Wilson, the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence Executive Director.
The $70 fee is the weekly fee for the summer program at Deerfield, Langston Hughes and Quail Run Elementary Schools. However, for families who qualify for reduced lunch at those schools, the fee is $35 a week. For families who qualify for free lunch, the fee is $17.50 a week. In addition, in extreme hardship cases, the club has 100 percent scholarships available.
The fees cover about 30 percent of the club’s operating budget, and the other 70 percent is funded through government and private foundation grants, individual and business giving and special event fundraisers.
Wilson said all of the revenue is vital to the club’s ability to serve every school in the Lawrence School District, and without it, they would have to make difficult choices about which areas of town to serve.

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