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Sound Off: Resurfacing Bob Billings Parkway


<b>Does the city have plans to resurface Bob Billings Parkway between Wakarusa Drive and Legends Drive? It is almost like riding on a roller coaster on the inside lanes, especially when you are traveling west.</b>

Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager, said this project is scheduled as part of the 2013 street maintenance program to be completed this summer.



Is Ms. Gilliland sure the city isn't going to cave to a couple of small businesses on the corner again? This project was due to be completed last summer after having been ignored for years. The "Summer of Progress" was a complete and utter failure. And what happened to the special tax dollars that were supposed to reconstruct Bob Billings between Kasold and Iowa? Only a third of that project has been completed, the rest of that street is in ruins. Instead of getting all amped up about spending tens of millions to build a recreation park, how about we worry about the infrastructure that we already can't maintain. Also, how about the LJ World provide us with documents outlining this "2013 Street Maintenance Program" so we can critique it and take the city to task when they fail in their objectives.

5 years, 3 months ago


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